Empty Products #3


I absolutely love finishing a product. I have a drawer filled with products waiting to be used, PR samples and purchases alike, so it’s exciting to get started on something new to test! I’ve said this before, but I do feel the need to reiterate the fact that a finished product is often quite a big deal for me, especially with makeup. If I’m consistently picking these things over other products, they’re most likely the creme de la creme of their kind. Either that, or they’ve been lying around for ages and it’s taken me that long. These are the products I’ve finished up over the past 2 months or so!

Lidl Cien Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover – I’ll start up by talking about the design of the packaging, which is the best part of the product. It’s a pot of product with a little round pump that you place a cotton pad on, and it dispenses the perfect amount of product with no mess. The remover itself? It’s ok. It does the job, but it doesn’t excel. I might keep the packaging to decant better quality remover in to, as it’s a really useful and convenient packaging design. Will I repurchase? Possibly.

N-Spa Raspberry Milkshake Body Butter – On my quest to finish up all the body butters I own, this was next in line. I think I got this for christmas.. Two years ago? It’s a bit solid in consistency and wasn’t the best. Having said that, it’s like a year and a half old. Will I repurchase? No.

Emmas Soy Candle’s Neroli Fusion* – Emma’s is a wonderful small Irish business. Her soy candles are beautifully fragranced and last for ages. I adore the lemongrass scent (which I also used up but forgot to include last time, ooops!), which is beautiful, light and fresh. The neroli is a herbal, calming scent. Kind of like that of a spa. It’s really unique and unlike any candle I’ve smelled before! I love how natural it smelled, as scented candles can often come off a little synthetic. Will I repurchase? I think so!

Argan Oil Cleansing Wipes – I picked these up in Dealz (Irish equivalent to Poundland) back in July before Longitude Festival. I was hoping the cleansing and nourishing claims would be true.. Unfortunately, not so much. They were fairly useless. I ended up mainly using them to clean product swatches off my hand, but they did get finished. Will I repurchase? No way.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – I go through dry shampoo like it’s going outta style. Because my hair is growing out bleach, it means my hair is voluminous and dry where it’s bleached, but sleeker and less full-bodied at the root, where the hair is undamaged. This can often lead my hair to looking greasy at the roots, so dry shampoo is my number one for a volume boost! Batiste are obviously the big players of this market, they’re also the only ones I’ve tried. Will I repurchase? Almost definitely, but I want to try a few other brands beforehand!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – I’ve run out of words about this concealer, and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it by now. It is absolutely stellar and ridiculously cheap. Give it a go if you haven’t yet, but I’m almost certain you will have! Will I repurchase? I already have.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara* – Oh my. I did a whole post on how much I dislike the They’re Real rangehere. This ripped out my eyelashes and was consistently impossible to remove. I wouldn’t touch this stuff again with a 10 foot pole, in all honesty. There are so many amazing high street mascaras out there! Will I repurchase? Take a guess!

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?