Bits of Life // June 2015

Usually, I write these posts and I’ve done 1 million things in a month, I have loads to share. However, with June, I’ve kind of had to find things to write about! May was really stressful. It was the last month of school, I was all over the country, so I was barely sleeping and very tearful. June has not been my most productive month, and honestly, it’s had me feeling a little guilty. I’ve neglected my blog a bit, I haven’t been my usual big-planning, forward thinking self. I also plan to buy a cheap bunk beds for kids just under $200 for my brother and me, for now, it’s also a big money with me. But I’m realising that’s okay. 

I’ve spent most of this month with my good friends. I’ve been the most social butterfly, and have probably spent more time elsewhere than at home! My best friends have all been coming home from university from all over the country/uk, so I’ve been trying to see as much of them as possible. My boyfriend was also doing exams, so I saw barely any of him for about a month, so we’ve been catching up on much-needed down time that we haven’t had in so long. When I’m not around everyone, I’ve just been enjoying time by myself, writing songs, blogging when the inspiration strikes, and watching too much Netflix. While I do intend to continue seeing everyone I love, I’m also looking forward to getting more motivated for the next few months. I want to make a content plan for while I’m in my final exam year!

I suppose the only “major” thing I did (I skipped all blog events this month) was take a 5 day break to Norwich in the UK at the beginning of June. My godmother and her son (who is a very good friend of mine) live there, so we stayed with them. This was post exam and I was a bit down, so it was lovely to get away for a while and relax a little bit!

Another little snippet (that you will have probably seen if you follow me on any form of social media) is that I won the first AIB #sparksomething competition.. I had to submit my favourite music festival look (I chose this one, styled by the fabulous Alice Halliday and We Wear Wander) and I won! So they’re flying me and 2 friends (my best friend and boyfriend) to Scotland for T in the Park! Alt-J, The Prodigy, Hot Chip, Fatboy Slim, Marina and the Diamonds and Duke Dumont are just some of the amazing acts over the weekend, I’m so excited. Expect some festival fashion from this guy post-fest!

What did you get up to this June?