The 2nd Best Kind of Mojito You’ll Ever Try

These photos aren’t the best.. I’ve been having trouble getting photos to look how I want lately, go figure! I’ll get there.

The reason it’s titled the 2nd best mojito you’ll ever try, is because I’m not gonna get sickly sweet here. The real thing is unbeatable. However, The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection is one of my favourite from them in a long time. It’s something I haven’t seen before, and it’s perfect, refreshing and sweet for summer. They sent me out two products from the range, here’s how I got on..

The Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* is my favourite of the two products they sent me. The Body Shop launched their Body Sorbet’s last summer as an alternative to body butter, and it’s my favourite for this time of year! It’s moisturising, but much lighter. It performs just as well as the two other body sorbet’s I’ve tried (Moringa and Pink Grapefruit), and smells delicious. I love that it isn’t synthetic smelling at all – there’s just a freshness of mint (but not too intense, just genuine), which is wonderfully complemented by the sharpness of the lime.

The Virgin Mojito Body Butter* is a given – The Body Shop of course had to include their iconic product in the collection! This is equally nice as the body sorbet, I don’t have any complaints really. It’s lighter than some of the other butters I’ve tried.. However, for this time of year, I’d personally opt for the sorbet as it’s just that little bit lighter. In terms of scent and performance, it ranks the same. It’s just down to personal preference.

This collection is limited edition, so grab it while you can!