My Festival Essentials

This isn’t your glossy magazine “festival essentials”. I’m not about to tell you that you need to be drinking kale smoothies and using body lotion daily, or telling you about some fringed handbag. Frankly, thats the biggest load of bullshit. This is the actualessentials for a festival, in all their drunken, dirty glory. I’m not about to pay for showers and the luxury of a flushing toilet, and I’m sleeping in a field with 70,000 others for 3 nights. Some level of creature comfort is required, so here’s what I feel like you require in order to not feel absolutely disgusting..

Toilet Roll // Have you ever used a festival toilet? They could be used as some form of army torture. I’m a bit of a clean freak, especially around toilets, so it takes a lot for me to use these. You can never guarantee toilet paper in there, so it’s best to carry your own. You could even go the next level and bring moist toilet wipes. Yes, I will totally be doing this.

Baby wipes // In the absence of any sort of shower, these are my washing method! A general wipe over the body (underarms, any mud from off your legs/stickyness on hands from foods) will just make you feel/look/smell a little bit fresher. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Hand sanitiser // Back to the clean freak thing. You may well be unable to wash your hands after using a toilet, and you’ll be touching many other gross things. It’s a very small bottle, but it feels nice to feel as clean as possible after the disgusting toilets.

Deodorant/Perfume // Drinking copious cans of lager whilst dancing in groups of thousands is the perfect environment for smelling absolutely disgusting. Especially without showers! Once you’ve washed yourself with baby wipes, deodorant and some perfume (don’t bring your expensive stuff) will also help to make you feel a little more human.

Dry Shampoo // Because you can’t wash your hair, and you don’t want someone to mistake it for a chip pan. Obviously dry shampoo isn’t designed to be used rather than showering, but at times like this, it’s brilliant! It’s also smart to plan your hairstyles around the grease levels. For example, I’ve planned to do space buns on T in the Park Day 3, as the style holds well with greasier hair, doesn’t show the oiliness as badly, so will be way better than wearing my hair down.

Sun Cream // This doesn’t need any introduction. Don’t get cancer, people! I’m such a mother, last year at Longitude I spent a lot of time applying suncream to people that had forgotten in the crowds. I have a big thing about sunburn, okay?!

Plasters/Painkillers // Basically a tiny first aid kit. Blisters, cuts, headaches, hangovers.. These basics cost barely anything and don’t really take up any space. You mightn’t need them, but you’ll be so glad to have them if you do. You’ll be thanked by anyone who needs them that forgot!

Refillable Water Bottle // You can buy ones in Penneys that are plastic and roll up really small. This is an essential, people. Stay hydrated!

Snacks // Seriously, this is really important! Last summer at Longitude Festival I drank less than I usually would, without taking into account how little I’d eaten, and ended up getting really unwell and shaky, and it ruined a huge portion of my day! Make sure you have something in your bag for a bit of a sugar boost. It could be an absolute life saver.

What are your festival essentials?