This is the first time, in so long, that I’ve actually just wanted to sit and write. So without further ado, with me being very quiet in the online world, I feel it is time for an update – a catch-up, an explanation, and a few big (big) changes regarding this space.

I’m going through a very transitional time in my life at the moment. I’m about to turn 18, an actual real grown up. I’m entering my final year of school, which means this time next year(ish) I’ll be moving to Dublin city, 5 hours from home, and starting the next phase of my life. I’m in a very rough place regarding my mental health, and I recently separated from my boyfriend of 1 year. So yes, not necessarily how I hoped this summer would go!

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Before the break-up (I shan’t go into details), I was having a bit of an identity crisis. With my blog, and myself. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was getting really tired of the same format and the same way of being. I feel as though I fell into a trap many content creators fall into – just creating content for the sake of it, with no real passion lurking behind it. It was just a filler for the “every other day”. I tried to find some inspiration in writing, I tried to write more “alternative” content – but nothing stuck. Nothing about what I was doing felt like it had any real element of “me” in it, and honestly, I needed the break.

In a way though, this has sort of forced me to look at everything. Take stock on who I was. I think when you’re in a relationship for a while (a year is a long time to someone who hasn’t even had 2 decades yet), you begin to sort of become intwined in this one life, hence the term other half. This means that I think I lost a bit of myself, and that’s the part I need to get back.

However, it’s not all bad. I, as of yesterday, have been medicated for my illness, meaning my moods will be much more balanced and I should be happier. I’m really motivated to work hard and get through the next year of school, finish up, and spend next summer going to festivals and travelling with my best friend. It will be fantastic.

As well as all of this, I’ve had a real epiphany with my content. I’m excited to start, I know this is where I want to take my blog, and I hope you’re all excited for it, too! So here goes..
I’m going to take the rest of the summer to myself. There will be the odd post when I feel like I really want to, or if some wild burst of creativity hits, but otherwise, I really need some space for me. After that, the schedule is being abolished. I know, me, not scheduling, it’s crazy! I just don’t feel like a regime inspired me at all, it more forced me to put up stuff I wasn’t necessarily thrilled with. This way, in a really stressful year of school, I can work it around my schedule, instead of forcing it in. There will probably be 2-3 posts a week, and if there aren’t.. Oh well!

The next thing is to do with abolishing the schedule – I’ll only be putting up content that I’m 100% happy with. That I think is cool, original, and unique.
The style of what I post is going to change – it’ll be much more lifestyle oriented. I love makeup and fashion, and they will feature heavily, but I’m going to move away from article-style posts and more into personal and creative writing, which is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging, but got lost along the way.

I want to start making more original, thought out content – I’ll still post outfits, but I want to make them more “editorial” style, and think deeply about things like location and angle instead of my current “that’ll do” attitude. I want to upload handwritten posts with drawings, and instead of my current ‘bits of life’, share scans that I upload monthly of a scrapbook/diary I want to start keeping, with the post in my handwriting. I want to start a series called “Disposables from”, in which I use disposable cameras to document things I do and places I go, and share them with you. I want to write personal articles about experiences and things I think. Writing this is sparking so many ideas, and I’m so excited to start sharing them.

This blog has always changed and developed as I have – and in the next phase of my life comes the next phase of my blog. New-era Zoë with Umlauts coming soon – I hope you like it.