Space Sailor






This outfit has been sat in my photo folder for exactly one month now. I didn’t mean for it to be sat there for that long, but life sort of got in the way and I lost all passion for blogging. It’s funny, looking at this, and thinking about how all of 31 days ago and how my life has almost entirely transformed. If you told the Zoë in these pictures where she’d be in a month, she’d look back in mild horror and disbelief. I kind of crave the ignorance I had.

This just goes to show how unsafe the idea of things being constant is. That’s not being pessimistic either – I simultaneously relish in the idea and am terrified by it. My life felt reasonably settled, a routine and things I took for granted. Now it’s all been shaken up, I realise that you can never assume. Never expect things to be the same. That also comforts me, as I’m quietly hoping for another transition out of the current phase I seem to be getting stuck in. Starting with my passion to write again, I hope I’m slowly on my way.

Whilst my life has done a 180, and I feel as though I’ve lost myself slightly along the way, I still love my quirky, space sailor attire. That’s a part of myself I’m glad to keep.

Hat* – Boohoo
Stripy Top – F&F Clothing
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – Penneys/Primark
Bag – Boohoo
Cardigan – Missguided