5 Vegan Lunch Ideas

It’s been a bit quiet on the post front, due to my return to school. My final year and a stressful one at that, yay! It hasn’t been great trying to get back in the swing of school, but I’ve been trying to start the year as I mean to go on, with eating better food to fuel me enough to be able to withstand the long hours of study I have ahead of me. I consider myself a part-time vegan, by which I mean I eat vegan as often as possible, with the occasional small amount of dairy, and non-vegan food at friends houses/while I’m out and it’s not easily accessible. It can be really hard to come up with healthy veggie/vegan lunch options for school/work that are easy to make ahead of time, last well thrown in a bag and are okay for on the go. I’ve been experimenting with a few different meals for my first week back, so thought I’d share what I ate to give some ideas for healthier options! If you’d like a similar post with breakfasts, or another one of these with different foods, let me know. I also want to share some recipes if you’re interested!

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SNACK: Redcurrants, Strawberries and a Nakd bar: This was enough to get me over that sugar slump that tends to hit around 11 and keep me going until lunchtime. I always crave really sugary stuff, so having some berries (which I could eat by the bucket) was a perfect pick me up.
LUNCH: Tomato & basil tortilla, hummus, mixed leaves & Dee’s traditional vegan sausages: I had these delicious vegan sausages the night before as part of my dinner, I cooked all 6 and put 2 aside to put in a wrap. They’re so tasty, I honestly prefer them to meat sausages. The texture is fantastic and they’re so flavoursome, so with hummus and some salad in a wrap they’re delicious and really filling! This is definitely a repeat.


SNACK: Hummus & Ryvita seeded flatbreads, some olives: I adore hummus & flatbreads so much, it’s such an easy snack and I could eat olives forever. These ones are from Lidl and are really inexpensive, but they taste amazing.
LUNCH: Bulgur Wheat salad with pomegranite, butternut squash and a honey chilli dressing / a nectarine: This salad was actually a ready made one from Lidl, but salads like this are really easy to make in advance and are great with a really filling grain. I also had a nectarine because a bit of extra fruit never hurt anyone!


SNACK: Handful of berries, 3 mini falafels: Berries are such a great go-to snack, I absolutely adore them. As for the falafels.. I was introduced to them this week and I have to say, I can’t believe I didn’t jump on the bandwagon sooner.. They’re so, so tasty and full of fibre so great for staying full!
LUNCH: Sushi with cucumber, carrot and ginger: This isn’t the best sushi I’ve ever made (as you can see) and I forgot my soy sauce.. but even so, it was still really tasty and really filling. It’s interesting, too. It’s surprisingly easy to make as well. Lidl have Sushi kits in right now which are only 6.99 with basically everything you need, too!


SNACK: Olives & A Nakd Bar: I have to be honest, I had planned to do guacamole and rye crackers, but ended up getting sick (classic first week back cold..) so this was much easier to just throw in my bag!
LUNCH: Overnight oats with Alpro Coconut Yoghurt, strawberries, nectarine & pumpkin seeds: My throat was quite sore/swollen, so I didn’t want to eat anything too harsh. Overnight oats are so easy to do, you can just throw all of this in some kind of tupperware the night before and it’s perfect to go. Even if, as my friends say, it looks like baby food. It’s really filling. The Alpro coconut soy yoghurt is an actual godsend.. It’s so tasty!


SNACK: An avocado with balsamic: By Friday my throat was pretty bad, so I only really wanted soft foods. Avocadoes are one of my favourite snacks, and take basically no time to prepare, either.
LUNCH: Chickpea, chilli & spinach soup: I love bringing hot food to school, especially as winter gets closer. This is really warming and delicious, and would be lovely with some bread as well! Let’s take a folding picnic table bench to enjoy lunch and dinner with your friend and family!
Would you be interested in seeing a similar post themed around breakfasts?