Live Music / Spotify Playlists

I’m big into music. I compile playlists pretty much daily, for every mood that strikes. I listen to anything from Death Grips to The Staves, and pretty much anything in between. I love carefully studying sound, dissecting each individual element of a song that I fall in love with, and then putting it back together with a greater understanding of what’s being conveyed. For me, music is much more stimulating than visual art.

It honestly shocks me, the pure amount of people I know that have never attended a gig, or at least very few. They seem to have little interest, not seeing the point in spending their money when they could just listen to said artist at home. A concept, in all honesty, I find completely ridiculous.
As fantastic as Spotify playlists are, there’s nothing quite like seeing an artist you love perform live. Gathering with thousands of other excited, enthusiastic people, and explosion of lights, colour and sound.. It’s truly a magical thing.

Sat at home curled up in bed, feeling slightly nostalgic for times gone by, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist containing some of the highlights of bands I’ve seen live in the past few years. There’s a real mishmash of sound on there, and I’d argue something for everyone. It’s not the same as being on your best friends shoulders at The Prodigy in the Scottish sunset.. But it will do for now.