Recent events: Bioderma Launch, Blog Awards and Wet n’ Wild!

Last week I headed up to Dublin for a few different events, so instead of just doing a post on each one, or just neglecting to write about them entirely, I thought I’d just to a post catching you up on what was going on! Going L-R, the first image is from the Beauty Blog Awards, the 2nd two are from Bioderma and the last two from Wet n’ Wild. Got that? Good! Here’s what I got up to..

Debenhams Ss15 Press Show

This is actually going up quite late, but on the 19th of February I attended the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2015 press show. I felt very lucky to be invited, it’s probably the swankiest/biggest event I’ve ever attended and I did feel a bit like an ugly duckling amongst the swans, but nevertheless, it was a really nice event! It was in the Morrison hotel, I’ve attended events there before and it’s a gorgeous setting. They had a selection of beauty, fashion and homewares on display, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite bits and pieces from the event! I have to say, I was actually surprised at how much of the fashion I liked. I’d kind of considered Debenhams more somewhere my grandma would shop for clothes, but some of this seasons fashion really caught my attention!

#corkblogmeet15: the (Other) Goodie Bags!


Okay, I promise this is my last post about the #CorkBlogMeet15, I’m sure you’re pretty sick of it by now! I did a post about the goodie bag I put together for everyone, as well as a post all about the day itself. The brands involved on the day were so generous, so I thought I’d share that with you, too! I’ll probably review a few of these at some point.. Essentially, this is just a huge haul. Thank you so much to Debenhams, The Body Shop, MeMeMe and IsaDora for the generosity!


Photo by Aine
Unless you don’t follow me or basically any other Cork/Irish beauty blogger on Twitter/Facebook or you’ve been living under some kind of Zoë with Umlauts free rock, you’ll probably have heard about the #CorkBlogMeet15. It was a meetup/day of events I organised for a group of 22 bloggers on Saturday the 21st of February. I’m so proud of how the day went! I had the little idea at the beginning of December and it blossomed into something incredible, thanks to the help of all the amazing brands I had involved! I, of course, had to do a post sharing what I got up to. I also shared the goodie bags I prepared for everyonehere, and my next post will be on the AMAZING goodies generously shared by the brands involved on the day. Then, I promise I’ll shut up about it. I’m going to go through the day in order of events!

#corkblogmeet15: the Goodie Bag!

By the time this post goes live, the #CorkBlogMeet15 will probably just be finishing up. Ahhh!! So nervous, but so excited for the day I have planned for everyone. Keep an eye out, as I’ll have a post live on Monday with all of the days events.

I couldn’t believe the uptake the event had. So many people wanted to go, I allowed for 20 attendees, which turned into 22, but there was a total of 40 people that signed up to attend. I was so shocked that so many people wanted to come, but so excited that there were so many Cork bloggers interested.

I thought I’d put together a goodie bag to say thanks to everyone for coming along for the day. I contacted brands I’d worked with before and put together a rather excellent assortment of items, if I do say so myself! If you couldn’t attend fear not, as some brands rather generously included more products than bloggers attending in their packages, so I’m going to do a giveaway with those next month.

Bits of Life // January 2015

Welcome to my new monthly series, Bits of Life! I have to confess the concept for this was entirely stolen from Karis, who did a similar style of post back in May. I wanted to do this alongside my monthly beauty favourites to illustrate what else I’ve been doing and loving this month – Stuff I’ve been up to, my favourite books/songs/tv etc. Let me know what you think of this feature, I’m really excited to include it!

Bits I’ve Done //

Organising the #CorkBlogMeet15: Other than school work, January has been pretty quiet. However, I have been busy organising the blogger event I’m hosting next month! PR samples are arriving for goodie bags, invites have been sent, plans are being finalised. I’m really enjoying organising it and I’m so nervous for it to go ahead. I can’t wait to share every aspect of the day with all of you!

Weekend in Dublin: Last weekend, me and Aran took a trip up to Dublin to visit Karis and Rachel, as you can see in this picture with me at the most unflattering angle. We had a very relaxed time, apart from my inappropriate footwear choices meaning I hobbled around the place like a freak. I love how busy and energetic Dublin is, it’s such a change from my regular quiet country life, and makes it quite therapeutic to return home afterwards. I’ll be up and down fairly constantly over the next month or so for events and some other things I have coming up, which is very exciting, although once you’ve done enough 10 hour round trips in a month, you grow slightly sick of the sight of a coach.

Bits I’ve Read //

Book – #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso: My favourite book that I read this month was undoubtedly #GIRLBOSS. The memoirs of the unconventional multi-millionaire fashion mogul Sophia Amoruso as she set up her business empire, Nasty Gal. Far from a feminist manifesto, the book gives invaluable, realistic advice on working hard to get where you want to be. Inspiring, funny, and I didn’t put it down in the two days I read it.
Blog – FERAL CREATURE: FERAL CREATURE is the blog of Eugénie Grey, an LA/NYC based blogger with the most incredible style. Her photos are beautiful, every outfit is totally unique to the last, and her style is totally on point. Definition of cool girl, I’ve consistently loved her posts above all other this month and draw a lot of inspiration from her,

Bits I’ve Watched //

TV – Skins: I know this isn’t exactly new on the radar, but this month, pretty much all I’ve watched is the UK teen cult classic Skins. A favourite of mine when I was about 14, my boyfriend had never seen it before, so I introduced it to him. Leading me to re-watching everything and several weekend binge watching sessions with Aran. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re into slightly gritty, angsty teen dramas with more drug use and sex than anyone of that age actually partakes in.
YouTube – EssieButton: I’ve watched Estée for a few years now, and she is without question my favourite ‘Beauty/Lifestyle’ YouTuber. She’s so honest, genuine, lovely and downright stylish. I can tell that if I met her in the street she’d be genuinely happy to have a conversation about cool teas and minimalist interior decor, and I think that’s why I love her so much. I’ve had a couple of Essie marathons in the past month, which earned her the particular favourite!

Bits I’ve Listened To //

My music listening has been really sporadic and odd this month. Usually I have a few current favourites that I listen to almost non-stop, but I seem to be stuck in a real ‘skip to the next track’ phase. You know when you can’t settle on a song, and when you come up with something you might want to listen to, it doesn’t sound right? That. Regardless, here is a Spotify playlist of my favourite tracks of the month:

Other Bits I’ve Been Loving //

Food – Avocados: I think I must have a bit of an obsessive/addictive personality, as much like when I get obsessed with music, I get obsessed with foods. Avocados are my current love of choice. An avocado with balsamic vinegar or mashed avocado with garlic on toast are my current snacks of choice, and healthy ones at that. Mmm.
Bit’s You’ve Loved // 

My most popular post this month was Starting A Blog? Here’s Some Advice. Blogging advice seems to be a big new thing as more and more people climb aboard the bandwagon, so I shared my two cents on what I wish people had told me when I began, and it went down very well!
I really hope you enjoy this style of post, let me know what you think below! 

#CorkBlogMeet15 Sign Up!

Phew! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this – I’m absolutely terrified but also very excited! Basically, I’ve decided to take on the venture of organising my very own blogger meetup in my home city of Cork, Ireland. I’ve been thinking lately how good the one I got to attend in July was (Organised by the lovely Fiona and Sarah!), and how I really wanted another one to happen. I figured that someone had to organise one, but this time, I’m going to undertake it! I’m really nervous that no one is going to want to attend, but I’m trying my hardest to plan a day that is absolutely packed with some of the best brands and businesses Cork/Ireland can offer, along with a chance to chat to/meet other bloggers in the community! So here is the basic plan.

The meetup will be on Saturday, 21st of February, 2015. I figured this was a date that would hopefully work well for everyone! The exact time and meeting location, as well as brands and businesses involved is still TBA, but everyone who signs up will receive all of this information in the weeks running up to the event.

The event will be capped at about 20 bloggers. I don’t want to totally overrun anyone and have it be mad all day, so the first 20 to sign up will be the ones receiving all the info! Obviously, if there are 21 or 22 interested, allowances will be made for that, but get in quick to ensure you can go!

The deadline for sign up is January 21st, 2015. This gives me a chance to gage how many bloggers are going, as well as putting together enough goodie bags for everyone attending! Once again, a few days late doesn’t really matter, but I’d like to have everyone signed up by then in order to ensure everything is fully prepared for that number of people.

The event will be mainly aimed at Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle bloggers. Anyone who wishes is welcome to attend, but I’m planning for the events to be based around those topics purely because that’s what I blog about and the community I’m involved in!

Click here to sign up! – Edit: The list has filled in less than 24 hours! If you are still interested in attending then please do enter your details as it is first come, first served so if there are any cancellations you will get next priority for attendance. 
I’ll be emailing on the official invitation with the start and end times on the 22nd of January, giving a month to make all necessary travel plans. A week before the event I’ll send on a full itinerary of the days events!

I really hope I’ll see some of you there, I’m so excited to plan this!

The Body Shop Christmas Collection








On Tuesday the 25th of November, I was invited to The Body Shop Christmas Collection Launch in their Cork store on Oliver Plunkett Street. I went to an event with them back in May, which was absolutely lovely. I love events in Cork, it’s so nice going to functions closer to home! I got to meet up with Margaret and Fiona again, it’s always nice to keep up with other girls on the Irish blog circuit.
This event was to properly launch their Oliver Plunkett St. store, as well as show off their new Christmas collection. I have to say, I absolutely adore everything in the christmas range. Their vanilla products never fail to have me tempted to eat the stuff, their cranberry range has the gorgeous sharp berry scent that just says Christmas to me, and their new green apple range is lovely. You’re gonna hate it if you’re not a fan of sweet things, but if you do l highly recommend you check this one out. It kind of reminds me of scented gel pens from the good old days of being 7.
I think my favourite thing in the collection this year is the vintage perfume-style atomisers filled with scented glitter. I mean.. What more could you want? Nicely scented glitter in pretty packaging. It’s like they took all of my favourite things and made it into one bundle of absolute joy that would look gorgeous on any dressing table.
A lot of people consider bath stuff/cosmetics a generic last resort, accenct chairs under $200 for Christmas gifts. but if you have an out-and-out beauty junkie in your life (much like myself!) I’d definitely suggest popping in and checking out the selection, excitement is almost guaranteed, and they’re very reasonably priced. I’m totally hyped up for Christmas now, nothing like a festive product launch to get you feeling seasonal! Now, to binge on mulled wine and listed to Fairytale of New York for the next 30 days or so.

Thanks to The Body Shop for having me – an absolute pleasure as always!  

#MTVCrashesCork with Boohoo




So, picture this – You’ve just done three exams. You’re tired and ill. You come in from school expecting to go straight to bed. All of a sudden, there’s an email in your inbox from Boohoo asking you if you fancy 2 VIP passes to an MTV gig in your city.. Just an average day, right?
After hurredly getting all of my things together, fixing my eyeliner, throwing on a playsuit from Boohoo in lieu of my grey school uniform and making sure my memory card was in my camera, I headed to Cork for the gig. If you want to know a bit more about what this event was, you should definitely click here to read the post I did about it at the beginning of the month. It was in the absolutely beautiful Cork City Hall. I’ve been there before for events with my school, so to see it decked out with film cameras, fancy lights and sound equipment was quite surreal! MTV really had spared no expense in making it an incredible show, and what an incredible setting to match. The grand architecture offset with beautiful lights and strobes was a juxtaposition of old and new that went together in such a beautiful way, the aesthetics were almost as impressive as the music. I don’t talk about it enough on this but I am an absolute music junkie, so getting the chance to go to gigs through my blog is essentially a dream come true! This is probably the most exciting thing I’ve had the chance to do through my blog. Plus, me and the boyfriend got “papped” and made it in to the Irish Independent the next day, how suave.
First up were Gorgon City – My personal favourite of the two acts that night. You’ve probably heard the absolute banger that has shot them to fame ‘Ready For Your Love‘ (if not, get yourself to Spotify right now), and if you don’t know them, they remind me a lot of Disclosure. I anticipate them being absolutely huge in 2015, so I feel really privileged to have seen them at their first Irish gig in such an intimate setting, as well as getting the chance to chat to them after their set. If you get a chance to see them at all over the summer festival season get yourself there, they’re a sight to behold.
Next up was Jesse Ware – In all honesty, I feel like Gorgon City overshadowed her and that the set should have been in the opposite order. She is much more chill listening, so the crowd were totally hyped from Gorgon City, and she didn’t deliver the energy in the same way. Having said that, she was still fabulous, but in my eyes, Gorgon City stole the show.
It was absolutely wonderful overall, and it was such a privilege to have the chance to attend what is a pivotal moment in Cork’s history as a city of culture. I think we truly showed that Cork knows how to party, and will put us on the map for future major music events! I wish I’d had a chance to attend some of the other shows on in the city such as Hudson Taylor, but unfortunately, it was too much of a distance to travel up for all of them.. I can’t wait to live in a city and make music events more viable!
Thank you so much to Boohoo and Burrell PR for giving me the chance to do this – it was amazing!

Ootd // Blog Awards Ireland



This outfit is up over a month after the event itself, but how bad! On the 4th of October, I headed up to Kildare with my mum for the Blog Awards Ireland. Always one to speak my mind, I have to say I was less than impressed with the whole thing. The host made many questionable ‘jokes’ relating to troubles between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which were offensive and consistently went down poorly, as well as dodgy food and a general unpleasant atmosphere. I am of course absolutely honoured to have been finalisted for Best Beauty Blog after a mere 10 months in the game, but I’d be totally lying to you if I told you the whole thing was smelling of roses!

The night had an 80’s theme – an abhorrent era for fashion in my opinion. Since they never specified the 1980’s, I decided to go for a more 1880’s feel – a beautiful vintage evening gown, once again designed and made by the wonderful Alice Halliday. I teamed it with my beloved chunky heeled chelsea boots from Penneys to give it the grunge edge that no Zoë outfit would be complete without, as well as very classic, pretty jewellery.

I realised after I’d worn this that 3 out of the 4 items I’m wearing are by small, independent designers – two of which are Irish. It’s pretty lovely to support people I know and wear their creations with pride. When things I wear get complemented, I feel a small sense of pride and happiness for the work people I know have put in to making them happen!
I’d also like to thank my boyfriend for holding a small mirror behind me while I did this updo in a full length mirror so I could see what I was doing. It’s this sort of stuff that fashion-blogger boyfriends have to put up with, poor creatures.



Dress* – Alice Halliday 
Necklace* – Teanga na mBlath
Bangles* – Wear Eponymous
Chelsea Boots – Penneys

Opera Lane Christmas 2014 Preview Show

Last Thursday, I attended my first ever fashion show with Opera Lane for Cork Fashion Week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cork City, Opera Lane is a pretty much the mecca of high street fashion – a small pedestrian street consisting of some of the biggest names in the business – Topshop, H&M, River Island, New Look, Office and Next, to name but a few! I’d say about 60% of my clothing comes from shops on Opera Lane. It’s so easy and convenient at the heart of the city, and most of the shops I’d go to are all adjacent.
Before I focus on the clothes, I have a little confession/self-indulgent deprecative statement – I really struggled with this event. Usually I’m fairly confident with these things, but I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful people in perfectly styled outfits. I definitely felt a little out of my depth, I’m not a typical fashion industry girl in terms of my style or appearance. I doubt anyone was actually judging me harshly at all, but it definitely knocked my confidence a little!

First up, there were a few looks by small Irish designers that Opera Lane had sourced. I really liked this touch, it’s so nice to see what’s up-and-coming on the Irish market as well as big high-street stores.
There were then 3 collections with 6 looks each – 3 womens, 3 menswear. These were made up of clothes that will be available in the coming months from shops on Opera Lane. First up was the classic A/W looks, think chunky knits and boots etc. The second was 60’s mod – sleek, chic and modern vintage. The final looks were all the party wear – Big, statements and sparkles. I’m a crazy lover of all things mad, sparkly and bright, so I was all about dis! Expect your typical A/W pieces and colours, statement sequin pieces, and lots of structured, boxy shapes. There was a serious abundance of the duster coat, this seasons staple must-have coat. I caught a few pictures of some looks on display.




I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to photograph a fashion show, but it’s surprisingly hard. They move really fast, and when you’re a little nobody at the back and to the side, you’ve got to get creative! Most of my shots are just incomprehensible blurs, but I got a few that were decent enough to share with you.
I was very honoured to be invited to this. I’m only just properly dipping my toe in to the world of fashion, but I’m developing a serious taste for it. I have LOADS of outfit posts lined up waiting to go up, as well as some exciting brand collabs to come!

Thanks to Opera Lane and Cork Fashion Week for having me! a/w14 Press Preview

On Tuesday, I attended the Boohoo A/W14 Press Preview in Lost Society, Dublin. I was really excited/nervous about this, it was my first ever fashion press event! Although I really love fashion, it’s a world I’m still learning how to navigate. I’m still finding my own personal style, and I’m certainly not afashionista in any sense of the word, so being surrounded by people in the game professionally is a little scary. Nothing makes you more self-conscious of your outfit than being surrounded by fashion journalists.
Having said this, it was a really nice event. Lost Society is a really nice nightclub on South William Street., a 2 minute walk off the main drag of Grafton Street. A good venue is always a good start, and the Boohoo team had displayed everything beautifully. It was easy to browse the new collection and it’s corresponding accessories.
Being someone who loves slightly grungier styles, I was instantly drawn to the rack filled with tartan and black. This is a trend that is consistently comes in throughout the Autumn/Winter season, so a staple investment tartan piece will be able to be worked into your wardrobe yearly. I particularly fell in love with  a long tartan blazer/duster style jacket that doesn’t seem to be online yet, but I will buy it as soon as it is!
Can never say no to free pick n’ mix. My inner 6 year old was more than happy. 
The Boohoo boutique collection was very 70’s inspired – think boho tapestry, baroque and intricate paisley patterns. A lot of these pieces can be carried through to next summers festival season, as that boho look is always something that comes through in the S/S season. If I could pull it off, this pink mohair jumper would be snapped up in an instant!
Something I was quite taken aback by was the abundance of sequins and pastels. Usually the A/W season is the predictable dark colours – grey, black, brown, maroon, khaki. This year, it seems to be all about the pastels. Not so groundbreaking in Spring, a little more surprising for the colder seasons. What is a celebration of colour and brighter days when worn in spring takes on a frostier edge in the darker light of winter, giving an icy cool effect.
All in all, I’m really impressed with the whole collection and Boohoo on a whole as a brand. I’m always weary of buying from brands that operate entirely online for fear that the quality isn’t 100%, but I can vouch for the fact that all the pieces were well fitted and well made. I’m really looking forward to picking up a few bits from the collection to style, so look forward to a few more outfit posts! I’m really enjoying fashion posts at the moment, and definitely want to steer my blog away from beauty a bit and make it a more even balance of both fashion and beauty, with a bit of lifestyle thrown in, of course!
Thanks to Boohoo and Burrell PR for hosting the event and inviting me!

Vote as the best Newcomer in the IMAGE Blog Awards 2014! 


On July 12th, I headed up to Cork City for the #corkmeetup, a blogger meetup/series of events planned by the ever delightful Sarah and Fiona. It was an absolutely jam packed day, by the end of it, my arms were so covered in various skincare samples that they were softer than a newborn and I couldn’t take in any more information on beauty products! It was lovely to be reunited with some other Cork bloggers, and to meet new ones, it always amazes me how friendly the blogging community is. I took so many pictures that I thought the best way to talk about what we did is to make a collage on each part of the day and talk about what we did.

First we headed in to Lush, a shop I absolutely adore. Always so friendly, and I love the whole concept of animal/environmentally friendly but still fun products. We were broken up in to groups and taken around different stations for 15 minutes each – Suncare, Skincare, Makeup, Bath Bombs and Hair/body care. We got a demo from the incredibly friendly Lush staff and all got to have a bit of a chat about all things makeup/beauty!

I think my favourite part was making our own bath bombs. Mine was certainly no gem, I have a new found respect for the guys at Lush who make these. I know that they hold private parties for occasions like birthdays where you can make bath bombs/face masks, so do pop in to your local Lush and ask about that!


We then headed over to Debenhams, where we were greeted with Cake, prosecco and even more beauty products! We had a chance to sit down and have a drink/something to eat before a demo from Clarins. We then got split in to groups again to go around to the beauty counters and look at some new launches/preview some exclusive products yet to hit the shelves. They were so welcoming and insanely generous – they started with a Clarins gift bag, then they gave us a load of products on the shop floor, then a goodie bag full of product samples, and THEN a €50 voucher to spend on beauty products. We were absolutely spoiled!

After this, we headed to a pub (I can’t remember the name of it now!) where we had demos from Shiseido, GOSH and MeMeMe. This was all very informal, chilled out and chatty which was lovely, as sometimes these things can feel a little bit like getting a lesson at school. It was great to have a chance to see some products in action from brands I’m less familiar with.

It was a really great day, and we were beyond spoiled with the goody bags! They just kept on coming, it was absolutely insane. So look out for the mother of all haul posts soon! Thanks again to Sarah and Fiona for organising the whole thing. It all went really well and it’s safe to say everyone had a fab day.

Have you ever attended any blogger meet ups?  

Oriflame Blogger Event/the One Launch

On the 5th of July I attended an Oriflame blogger event in Dublin, in the Gresham Hotel. Being 100% honest, when I got the invite I had absolutely no idea who they were, but this just piqued my interest in finding more out about the brand. It was a really nice event, I’ve attended a few that leave you all stood around awkwardly chatting and unsure of what to do, while this was well structured and informative while still being fun and had a relaxed, chatty atmosphere. We were greeted with prosecco and cupcakes on arrival, always a lovely touch, and celebrity makeup artist Gary Cockerill/brand ambassador was on hand to talk about some of the new collection and give some demos on Rachel and Beth.

Oriflame is a swedish direct selling brand – similar to Avon. It’s huge in Russia and I believe it’s pretty big in Asia too, but their main development labs are in Ireland, despite the fact that it doesn’t appear to be a huge seller over here. I think their PR campaigns at the moment have the intention of making it more popular here. We got given a selection of products to try, so I’ll be back with my full verdict on whether or not it’s worth looking in to once I’ve given those a try.





Thanks so much to Faith PR and Oriflame for inviting me out, I’m looking forward to fully testing the products to see if they’re worth creating hype around!

The Body Shop Sa14 Press Preview

I was recently invited to The Body Shop Summer/Autumn ’14 Press Preview in their Oliver Plunkett St. Store, Cork. It was really lovely to have an event in my hometown of Cork, as I find the majority of events in Ireland are centred around Dublin.. While Dublin is great and all, it’s 5 hours away from where I live, and isn’t too cheap to get there, either. The Body Shop isn’t a brand I knew loads about, so it was a great way to get an introduction to their products/ethos. We got a chance to chat a bit (always nice catching up with other bloggers!), preview some great new launches, get manicures and eyebrow threading. I had my eyebrows threaded.. Lets just say, I’m the biggest wuss known to man when it comes to pain. But on the flip side, my brows are looking great!



The Body Shop currently have a ‘No Retouch Policy’ on all of their photos. This means that all of the photos are entirely as they were taken – veins, red eyes and blemishes left in. Granted, the models they use are generally all-round flawless, I think it is always a good move to let the products speak for themselves – I’m instantly much more impressed with a foundation advert if no photoshop has been used. They’re attempting to empower women through makeup and beauty, sending the message that if you want to wear makeup to give yourself a confidence boost, that’s great, but you don’t need to. You don’t need the 1,000 filters over the top of that selfie, either.
We’re used to hearing ‘you’re beautiful as you are! but still continue to buy all of our expensive makeup.’ from brands, but for some reason, this resonated with me. As someone who identifies as a feminist, and enjoys wearing makeup for my own self-expression, having a brand send out the message that wearing makeup to feel confident is my choice instead of being told how to feel is very empowering.

On a less Spice Girls-esque “girl power” note, the new launches for Summer/Autumn 14 look (and smell) absolutely stunning. I’ll have a full first impressions post coming soon!

Physicians Formula Launch Party

I’m up and down to Dublin so much lately, it’s actually a little ridiculous. Considering it’s a 5 hour drive, I’ve been up 3 times in less than 2 weeks!
I happened to be around with my school for a national youth social innovators competition while the Physicians formula launch party was on, so I got a chance to go and preview some of the amazing products they have to offer! It was in The Morrison Hotel on Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin. Aesthetically it looked amazing, and I was instantly impressed when I walked in. I’m so excited the cult brand was finally making it’s way to our shores.
The products seem like the definition of gimmicky – Not that it’s a bad thing! They each have their little quirky extra selling point; The Happy Booster range having “happy” chemicals in them to make you feel better about yourself, the pen-style liner containing ingredients that help your lashes grow.. It’s like makeup and then some, and it feels really fun.
We also got given a selection of products to try from the brand. I’ve never tried anything from Physicians Formula before, so I’m looking forward to giving everything a try to recommend to you guys when it launches!
Physicians Formula will be available in pharmacies across Ireland from June 1st.

Blogger Brunch With Wet N’ Wild

I spent last Saturday in Dublin for lots of blogger-y things, which was just bloody lovely if I’m honest. The first was a Wet n’ Wild blogger brunch, which was my first ever blogging event so it was pretty exciting! I met up with one of my favourite bloggers/new friend Rachel, it was so nice to have someone the same age as me there, as being 16 I didn’t want to feel like the baby of the group! We ate some gorgeous brunch and talked all things makeup. It was very weird to be around people that got just as excited as me when I realised their “Sugar Plum Fairy” lipstick is identical to MAC’s Rebel..



Blogging obviously isn’t about the events, but it is always really exciting to be invited as it makes it feel worthwhile in the sense that you know someone is reading. Wet n’ Wild is available throughout Ireland at Penneys’ and Dunnes’ Stores. Thanks to the girls at Publicity Loft for inviting me!