Urban Decay

When I use the term “Urban”, I use it loosely. Rural village decay didn’t have the same ring to it. Before making this set, I must purchase a new vanity table with cheap accent chairs (under $100 or $200), to refresh my room, for more inspiration!

Hat – H&M
Dress – Boohoo
Bag – Boohoo
Cardigan – Missguided
Boots – H&M
Necklaces – Forever 21 & Ebay
Bracelet – Newbridge Silverware

OOTD // Toning It Down





If there’s one thing you have to say about my blog, I’m pretty diverse. My last outfit was my Space Princess outfit, which was blue lipstick and holographic sparkles. Now? We have ourselves a very chilled, laid back look. I like to keep it interesting!
This was just an outfit for going for coffee with my main gal/always photographer Karis. I’m not massively in to the whole 70’s boho thing, but have incorporated elements of it here with a bit of fringing and the hat. This is the kind of thing I’d wear day-to-day/out and about – especially with the holographic bag, that makes it a bit more Zoë. I love that these jeans are size XS as well.. Nothing makes you feel better than fitting in to extra small jeans!

Hat* – Boohoo
Kimono – H&M
T-Shirt – H&M
Jeans* – JDY via ASOS
Bag* – Boohoo
Pumps – F&F Clothing @ Tesco
Moon Choker – Forever 21

Boohoo Haul

I am a big Boohoo fan. I’d say that’s pretty abundantly clear if you’re a regular reader – it’s rare I have an outfit not featuring them! I am lucky enough to work with them on a regular basis, which does mean I get gifted clothes from them, but I genuinely do adore their stuff. It’s good value, and always fits me like a glove. I’ve done a bit of shopping recently so thought I’d show you what I picked up!

Giveaway: Win a €100 Boohoo Voucher With Insurgent


This is very exciting, it’s the biggest giveaway I’ve ever had here.. A prize I’m quite jealous of! I rep Boohoo on the regular (after doing some work experience at Burrell PR, the people who take care of Boohoo in Ireland, I feel a sentimental connection), and so naturally, I was absolutely delighted to be approached to do a giveaway a €100 voucher for Boohoo.com, to celebrate the release of Insurgent!

Insurgent is the 2nd in the Divergent Trilogy, and is being released in Irish cinemas on March 19th, so to celebrate, they’ve teamed up with Boohoo to offer me this amazing prize!

Debenhams Ss15 Press Show

This is actually going up quite late, but on the 19th of February I attended the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2015 press show. I felt very lucky to be invited, it’s probably the swankiest/biggest event I’ve ever attended and I did feel a bit like an ugly duckling amongst the swans, but nevertheless, it was a really nice event! It was in the Morrison hotel, I’ve attended events there before and it’s a gorgeous setting. They had a selection of beauty, fashion and homewares on display, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite bits and pieces from the event! I have to say, I was actually surprised at how much of the fashion I liked. I’d kind of considered Debenhams more somewhere my grandma would shop for clothes, but some of this seasons fashion really caught my attention!

Ootd // Rush Hour



The combination of my 75-300mm lens, Karis’s photography skills and patience with my awkward posing make for photos that I’m very happy with. I’m getting better at this whole outfit thing – I have my standard poses (although am branching out into new things like the classic blogger “squat in the street” thing), and passing strangers no longer bother me.
I called this “Rush Hour” because we had about 45 minutes to take these, get back to Karis’s place to grab our stuff and get to our bus home. That meant that there were things like my pink Invisibobble and black bra which I tried to hide but are on display anyway, much to my dismay. Sometimes things aren’t always ideal, but hey, life is a process, isn’t it? If you showed me these compared to the outfits and photos I had less than a year ago, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining about a little hairband/bra malfunction. I’ll do better next time.

Language Barrier Beanie – Drop Dead
White Shirt – H&M
Coat – Dunnes Stores
Jeans* – Boohoo.com
Bag – Penneys
Shoes – Penneys

OOTD // am i a witch? probably

Being a fashion blogger in the winter is pretty awful. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, I love styling ideas and finding shooting locations, but when it starts pissing rain and I’m wearing a thin dress and a kimono, in Ireland, in January, and I can’t feel my hands, I feel like the ends do not justify the means. Neither do my mum (photographer) or my boyfriend (who’s shoulder is a tripod when my camera gets too heavy).
I love this outfit. A long black dress, a fringey kimono, boots and green lipstick kind of make me feel like a witch who got lost at a music festival. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that is pretty much exactly what I’m going for. Either that or a pastel Japanese cyber goth from space. I tend to flit between the two.
I hope you guys have had a good week. We’re half way through January now, better things are to come soon. We can do this.

Kimono – H&M
Dress – H&M
Boots – TK Maxx
Earrings – Penneys
Rings – H&M
Ribcage Necklace* – Daisy Mae Jewellery
Choker – A market stall in Dublin (Near Temple Bar)