Boohoo Haul

I am a big Boohoo fan. I’d say that’s pretty abundantly clear if you’re a regular reader – it’s rare I have an outfit not featuring them! I am lucky enough to work with them on a regular basis, which does mean I get gifted clothes from them, but I genuinely do adore their stuff. It’s good value, and always fits me like a glove. I’ve done a bit of shopping recently so thought I’d show you what I picked up!

Asian Beauty Haul With Bonjour Hk


I always love working with fun brands. Obviously, I adore the sort of topics I write about, so I’m always bloomin’ delighted when I get offered cool collaborations. Occasionally though, I get offered something that makes me really excited.
Bonjour HK is a website that offers Asian beauty brands at good prices, shipped worldwide. I’m a big fan of anything cute andkawaii, I adore South Korean and Japanese fashion culture, so I was so excited when they offered me a package of products to test! Here is what they kindly sent me!
(I won’t put a star next to every product sent, so for the sake of disclosure in case it isn’t obvious, I was gifted all of these!) 

#corkblogmeet15: the (Other) Goodie Bags!


Okay, I promise this is my last post about the #CorkBlogMeet15, I’m sure you’re pretty sick of it by now! I did a post about the goodie bag I put together for everyone, as well as a post all about the day itself. The brands involved on the day were so generous, so I thought I’d share that with you, too! I’ll probably review a few of these at some point.. Essentially, this is just a huge haul. Thank you so much to Debenhams, The Body Shop, MeMeMe and IsaDora for the generosity!

#corkblogmeet15: the Goodie Bag!

By the time this post goes live, the #CorkBlogMeet15 will probably just be finishing up. Ahhh!! So nervous, but so excited for the day I have planned for everyone. Keep an eye out, as I’ll have a post live on Monday with all of the days events.

I couldn’t believe the uptake the event had. So many people wanted to go, I allowed for 20 attendees, which turned into 22, but there was a total of 40 people that signed up to attend. I was so shocked that so many people wanted to come, but so excited that there were so many Cork bloggers interested.

I thought I’d put together a goodie bag to say thanks to everyone for coming along for the day. I contacted brands I’d worked with before and put together a rather excellent assortment of items, if I do say so myself! If you couldn’t attend fear not, as some brands rather generously included more products than bloggers attending in their packages, so I’m going to do a giveaway with those next month.

January Sales Shopping

I’m not a massive sales shopper. You’d never catch me queueing at 6am on boxing day, it’s all a bit much for me! However, my mum was heading up to Cork city, so armed with gift cards and a rather reluctant boyfriend, I decided to peruse the shops for a few bits I’d wanted for a while. As always, I thought I’d share the pieces I picked up with you! I had one of those shopping trips where I found everything I wanted within minutes and got a couple of fabulous bargains – Not something I can say for most of my shopping experiences!

I first headed out to the INGLOT store in Mahon Point. INGLOT is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for ages, and I picked myself up a 2-pan lipstick palette a while ago, which is absolutely beautiful! I’m now in the process of putting a 5-pan of some of my perfect eyeshadow shades together. I picked up a 5-pan palette, and the shades (l-r) 158, a matte mauve-brown, 153, a shimmery beige champagne, and 418, a pearlescent forest green. They didn’t have the other two I wanted in stock so I will pick them up next time I’m in the city, I plan on doing a post on both of my palettes when I’ve completed them!


LUSH always do 50% off on their Christmas range, so I went to their store expecting that everything would be sold out by the time I got there. Most things were gone, but luckily they still had a snow fairy gift set half price, and Snow Fairy is one of my favourite scents! I got the shower gel, soap, massage bar and magic wand bubble bar, so I’ll be smelling sweet and delicious until next Christmas when my beloved Snow Fairy is back!

When we were done with our respective lists, me and Aran had a bit of time to kill before we were going to get food. We decided to walk around Dealz (For my abroad readers: Ireland’s name for pound land, like a dollar store/discount shop) to see what weird things we could find. I naturally got distracted by the makeup selection, especially once I saw there had been a shipment of new Rimmel products in! This Scandaleyes pencil from the Kate Moss range in ‘Bluffing’ was the last left, so I grabbed it. €1.49 for a very pretty eyeshadow pencil, I was very happy!
I headed to H&M with a €25 voucher hoping to snag myself some bargains in the sale, and then the new display of long, gothic black clothing drew me in like a moth to a flame. I’ve wanted a lace kimono for the longest time so I picked up this beautiful one! It was quite pricey for H&M, but as I had a voucher and wanted one for ages I decided to splurge. I also picked up this selection of rings as they were on sale for only €2 and I love midi rings! I also happened to find a €5 off when you spend over €30 voucher in my purse, so it ended up not being too bad at all.
                                                  Have you picked up anything in the January sales?

Ip Dip Doo Jewellery


I was recently contacted on Twitter by Victoria of Ip Dip Doo Jewellery asking if I’d be interested in a few of her pieces from her newly opened Etsy shop to write about on my blog and post on social media – of course, I was happy to oblige! She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and very friendly. I was also very pleasantly surprised at how quickly the pieces arrived – she sent them on Christmas eve from the UK (Wednesday), and they arrived on the 30th (Tuesday). To have something arrive in Ireland less than a week after it’s been sent is almost unheard of! The pieces themselves are gorgeous. As I’ve mentioned I love boho jewellery, so the sun anklet and hamsa bracelet will get a lot of love over summer! The snitch bracelet is perfect for Harry Potter nerds such as myself, and the anchor necklace is a really simple pretty piece of jewellery. All of her pieces are very affordable, so make sure to check them out! Below are close-ups and links to all of the pieces:




Are there any pieces here that you like?

What I Got For Christmas ’14


I’d like to do a little disclaimer here: I’m not trying to brag in any way, shape or form! I understand that Christmas is about a lot more than the gifts, but I share my life on this blog, so I thought I’d share the presents I was very kindly given for Christmas as well. Me and my best friend were talking about it and we agreed it’s lovely to look on other peoples blogs and see what they received as we are very nosey, it’s a bit like the “what’s in my bag” phenomenon. We always like to have a good nose at other peoples things.
I was so lucky this Christmas and got such nice gifts that I’m very thankful for. I’m now having a lovely boxing day in my pyjamas sipping vodka and eating leftovers before going to my Grandmas house for an open house sort of day. Honestly, I’m a little tipsy writing this, so please blame any typos on that and forgive me for being in the festive spirit (literally)!

Firstly, the salted caramel based gifts. I am an absolute fiend for the whole salty/sweet thing and have been for years, so I always get salted caramel related things!
My parents kindly bought me Salted Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel, which they also bought me last year. They’re absolutely delicious, and they’ll probably be gone by tomorrow!
My grandma bought me a Yankee Candle Salted Caramel Wax Tart, I adore candles so much, and this is my favourite scent. It’s lit in my room right now and providing the most delightful rich scent throughout the house.
Probably my favourite food/drink of the season.. Oddka Salted Caramel Popcorn Vodka. Oh my. It combines to of my biggest loves in life – Salted Caramel and vodka! I saw this in London when we went for my 17th, but unfortunately we didn’t have a suitcase to bring it back with and I was only there for a night. My mum got my uncle to bring it over last month as we can’t get it in Ireland and I was so excited! It’s surprisingly delicious, I’m sipping it as we speak..

Books! One of my favourite gifts to receive, I’m a book lover and plan to start devouring one of these in the bath as soon as I’ve finished this post.
My uncle/auntie gave me #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. It’s a book about how she succeeded against all odds and ended up being the CEO of $100 million dollar fashion company Nasty Gal. I’m all about girl power and I’m looking forward to reading it!
My grandma bought me Ayoade on Ayoade, another book I can’t wait to dive in to. I adore Richard Ayoade, he’s an incredible director and absolutely hilarious, so his mockumentary-style self-interview book on his creative process should be funny, I imagine by the time this post is up I’ll have finished the whole thing.
My uncle bought me Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys by Viv Albertine. I’d never heard of this book before but now I can’t wait to read it, it’s a book on the Riot Grrl/Punk feminist movement of the ’70s. Music and feminism are two things I’m deeply interested in, so I’ll hopefully have this finished by the end of the week!
My grandma got me the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. I can’t wait to flick through this! It contains makeup tips and advice from Bobbi herself, from basic application through to advanced techniques. I’m fairly proficient in basic makeup application, but there’s always more to learn!
My grandma also bought me Beauty Photography in Vogue. This is the definition of a “coffee table book”, but it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s gorgeous artistic examples of beauty/makeup photos in Vogue over the years. It’s just aesthetically beautiful, it’s a nice source of inspiration for both photography and my own makeup.

I got some lovely beauty gifts from my parents!
They bought me the Photo Fabulous Dry Shampoo by James Brown London. I’m always up for trying a dry shampoo, and my mum picked it up because it said it would make you “camera ready” so I’d always look nice for blog photos. Bless.
They also bought me clear Invisibobbles, which I was really excited for as I’ve just fallen in love with them! Clear ones mean that my ever changing hair colour won’t dictate needing different colour bobbles, they’re great.
They bought me the Bleach London Hair Crayon in Washed Up Mermaid. I adore hair chalks and have been known to colour in my whole head of hair blue because I get bored. This is a gorgeous teal colour. My mum bought it because of the name, “washed up mermaid” – It’s pretty much my goal in life to become one of those!
A present that they described as “silly and little”, but I’d describe as incredibly useful, is an LED Light Mirror from JML. It’s one of those things that you never think of, but I’ll end up using loads! I travel a lot and it’s a really good size and self-standing, so this will be excellent when staying in various places, especially my boyfriends house with his mirrorless room!
I got a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, which is a product I’ve wanted to try for ages! I’ve heard that they are the best way of applying any base and creates a flawless finish, so I’ll be testing this out in the next few weeks and will give you all a review! My brother questioned why anyone would want a sponge for Christmas, but I was very happy about it!
I did squeal a bit when I unwrapped the Naked On The Run Palette from Urban Decay. This was one of the most hotly anticipated palettes of the year! There was a bit of a kerfuffle as the first one my mum ordered got lost and then arrived broken, so I was very surprised and grateful to find this under the tree! I did my Christmas Day makeup using exclusively this and it looked stunning, this is the ideal palette for travelling as much as I do.
Once I’d unwrapped the On The Run, I obviously didn’t at all expect the Naked Basics 2 Palette as well! I’m a huge Naked fan, the 2 being my favourite, and I’ve recently become a lover of all things matte. I can’t wait to use this! I’m a proud owner of every single Naked eye palette.

A few beauty gifts from other family!
My nana bought me the absolutely gorgeous YSL Black Opium Gift Set. I fell in love with the perfume last month as it is a lot like my previous favourite ever scent, Ms Dior. However this has more earthy tones, which makes it less sweet and generally beautiful. The gift set also came with a YSL Eyeliner and Mascara, and I adore YSL makeup so I’m sure I’ll love these!
My grandma bought me some eyeshadows from the INGLOT freedom system in 418 and 153, as well as a gift voucher so I can finish making up a 5-pan palette of my favourite colours.
My uncle got me a Rococo Nail Apparel in Spellbound Molten Lava. It’s a beautiful glittery dark navy, almost black that shines blue in the light. I can’t wait to test this out!

My brother very sweetly gifted me:

A Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio. These are teeny tiny! It’s so handy as like I’ve said, I travel loads, so these brushes are really useful as they’ll take up 1/3 of the space of my regular brushes. They’re all just as good quality brush as any other Real Techniques brush, so these will be getting a lot of use!
He also got me a lipgloss from Fierce Magenta in Astro Lilac. Fierce Magenta are a vegan cosmetic brand which make some pretty funky makeup, and when I saw this colour I knew I needed it in my life. It’s a holographic lilac.. Those are my two favourite things. It’s also one of the most pigmented lipglosses I’ve ever used. I love it!

My wonderful pal Karis, knowing I have a deep love for purple/weird lipsticks, gave me these 5 from Makeup Revolution, including the green I have wanted for literally months! From L-R there is Vice, Depraved, Black Heart, Serpent and Make it Right. I already know I love the Makeup Revolution lipsticks, so I’m so excited to get stuck into these!

I got a few clothing bits too!
When I’m not pretending to be a fancy fashion blogger, I live in band t-shirts and jeans. My uncle got me this Arctic Monkeys t-shirt, and if it’s anything like the Nirvana t-shirt he bought me 4 years ago, I will live and die in it!
My grandma got me this “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” tshirt, which is very comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house in! It’s one of my favourite quotes from Harry Potter, so I can feel like a total nerd in comfort.
My boyfriend got me this adorable Language Barrier Beanie from Drop Dead that I’ve been lusting after since the summer! I can’t wait to wear it, I love it. He also got me a coconut (as you do), but I’ve already drunk the coconut water so didn’t feature it.. Sorry Aran!
Finally, I got a voucher for H&M from my Uncle/Auntie, meaning I can pick up a few new bits.. So expect some more outfit posts!

Somehow the photo disappeared, but I also got a Canon 75-300mm zoom lens from my parents. This means I can seriously step up my fashion and gig photography game, I’m so excited to use it and learn to get the best out of it!

What did you get for Christmas? Link me any posts or tell me below, I’d love to see! 

Accidental beauty haul

Accidental beauty haul, you say? This is exactly that. I am such a slave to commercialism, I can’t resist, especially at this time of year! I’m the worst.. I may have got distracted once or twice whilst Christmas shopping, leading to a few purchases that I probably didn’t need to make but made anyway. Blogging is such enablement, I think I won’t bother before going “It’s an investment into my content really!” and handing over the cash.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I know it’s not long until I run out of the tube I’m currently using, so I used my Boots advantage points to pick this one up as a backup, as I never know when I’m going to be near a collection stand next! I don’t think anything really needs to be said about this, it’s the ultimate concealer in my opinion, and I absolutely love it.

PS Love This Make-Up Brush Cleanser I saw this on Amy’s (Red Lips ; Read Hair) blog and got very excited and knew I needed to pick it up. I’ve wanted a spot cleaning cleanser for ages, but they’re all quite pricey! This one is a mere €2.50 and according to Amy it’s brilliant, so I’ll give you a proper verdict after I’ve tested it!

Boots Simply Sensitive Deep Cleansing Face Mask I’ve never tried anything from the Boots Simply Sensitive range before, but it looks like an even cheaper alternative to Simple skincare. I’ve needed a deep cleansing mask for a while, for those times when my skin just isn’t behaving and needs a little extra help, so I’m going to give this one a go and see how it works for me, for under €4 I’m not expecting miracles, but we’ll see!

Essence Blush Up in Heatwave This was a total “on a whim” purchase, I’ve seen it featured on a few blogs and it’s a gorgeous blush with an interesting gradient effect. I saw it in a bargain basket at a local chemist so decided to just grab it. I certainly didn’t need another blush but I feel like this will become a Spring/Summer staple!

Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Do You Speak Love? This was another total accident! My mum was in Penneys and it was absolutely rammed with Christmas shoppers, and somehow she ended up buying this by mistake along with other things, so it’s found it’s way in to my collection! It’s a really pretty deep red colour, so perfect for the festive season. I know the formulation of these are pretty good with a topcoat, too!

Luxury Lush Pud This is a total indulgence purchase. Me, the boyfriend and the best friend Karis were Christmas shopping and of course wound up in LUSH smelling everything and looking at the Christmas range. I fell in love with the Luxury Lush Pud as it has the same scent as my all-time favourite bath bomb from them, Twilight, but it’s so pretty and festive. Not the cheapest of LUSH products at €4.50, but a nice bath and fresh bedsheets on Christmas eve are totally necessary, and Christmas is a time for indulgence.. That’s how I justify it to myself anyway.

Are you as bad for getting distracted while Christmas shopping as me? 

Daisy-Mae Jewellery


I’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of Daisy-Mae Jewellery – She’s a total hit with the bloggers and seems to be all over the place these days, gracing the likes of Carrie Hope Fletcher. I’ve known Daisy for well over a year now, fun fact, I was the first ever ‘blogger’ to promote her shop! Since then she’s gone from strength to strength and is now at the forefront of the UK accessories market. I feel like a proud mama.
Being the total sweetheart she is, Daisy sent me out a few pieces for my birthday. They all suit my taste down to the ground and I always get complements wearing them, they’re so beautiful. I love delicate silver jewellery, as there isn’t much you can’t wear it with. She really does have something for everyone, so definitely check out her shop, as it’s all really affordable as well. I thought I’d share the beautiful pieces she gave me and give you a bit of shopping/accessory inspo! Even if these aren’t to your taste, still go have a mozy around as her range is huge, so there’s a high chance you’ll find something you love.

Ribcage Necklace* – Discontinued Halloween Special, sorry!
Windmill Necklace* (yep, it actually turns!)
Thank you so much Daisy for these beautiful pieces! 

A Few New Beauty Purchases

Over the course of October I picked up a few new beauty bits for the first time in a while, as previously I’ve been absolutely swamped with stuff! As I slowly chip away at it/there have been some cool new releases, I’ve picked up a few bits and pieces. That rhymed. I thought I may as well do a little haul and share what I’ve been buying!

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro in Berry Bomb: I’ve been waiting for the Baby Lips Electro to land on Irish shores for so long now. Particularly this shade. It combines two of my favourite things: Baby Lips and purple lip colour! Don’t be fooled in to thinking “Electro” means “more pigmented” – It really doesn’t. This gives a subtle wash of purple/berry, and is moisturising in the same way that the original baby lips are loved for. Really great if you’re a little bit nervous about darker autumnal lip colours!

MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam II: I’ve started to fall in love with the pinky-brown nude lip/matte brown eyes/winged liner look that is the Kylie Jenner staple. I know that the instant Kylie Jenner x MAC Association is Velvet Teddy/Whirl, but for paler girls such as myself, Viva Glam II is a beautiful option. It’s never a colour I really saw myself choosing before now, but I’ve fallen in love and it’s becoming such a staple in my routine!

Juicy Couture “Couture Couture” Perfume: I couldn’t be less of a “Juicy Couture” girl if I tried. I gag at the sight of their clothing, and I find their perfume packaging genuinely offensive. It’s tacky and disgusting. Despite this, I actually really love their scents. I’m nearly out of my current scent (The Body Shop – White Musk if you’re interested), and their Couture Couture perfume was in TK Maxx reduced from €68 to €19. Couldn’t pass up a bargain that good! It’s a floral, fresh and ever so slightly spicy scent. I go through phases with perfume, sometimes I love really sweet scents, but right now I’m really feeling the freshness, so I’m looking forward to cracking in to this and seeing how it wears.

INGLOT Duo Palette & Lipstick in Shade 95: INGLOT recently opened up in Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork, so I couldn’t resist popping in. I was in absolute makeup heaven. It took a lot not to buy a 5-pan eyeshadow palette, but it’s gone straight on the christmas list! Instead I picked up a duo palette and a blue lipstick, a product I’ve been lusting after for so long! I also wanted to pick up a dark purple (shade 95) but it wasn’t in stock. Next time! It’s so affordable considering the quality too, I’m a total INGLOT convert.

Garnier Ultimate Blends 7-in-1 Dry Shampoo: I go through dry shampoo like it’s going outta style, but I’ve always remained totally loyal to Batiste. As more and more brands bring out competitive alternatives, I’m giving them all a go! I’ve used this a few times and I really like the vanilla scent it has, but I don’t find it gives as much volume to my hair as Batiste. To be fair to the stuff, it is described as “silky”, so for all intents and purposes this is probably a good thing.

Inglot Lipstick in Shade 95 
MAC Viva Glam II 
Have you picked up any beauty bits recently?

#corkmeetup Goody Bag(S!)


AKA, The mother of all haul posts. This is pornography for the beauty addict, it’s absolutely nuts. As someone who’s totally addicted to makeup, this is so exciting! We really got treated at the Cork meet up, with so many demos from brands, we got to sample so many things! I rarely insert read more links in to posts but I feel this requires it as otherwise it’ll take 10 years to scroll past if you’re not interested! A quick thanks to all the brands/PR’s who gave us so much and so generously to try! I’m going to jump right in and just say a line or two on each product, or else we’ll be here for years.

Uk Beauty Haul

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any makeup when I was away. Naturally, I found myself in Superdrug during a 3 for 2 struggling to carry everything.. It’s genuinely a problem. To be fair, it’s mainly stuff I’ve been wanting for at least 6 months.. Therefore it’s justified? ..Right?

Company Nail Polish Duo: These came free with the Company/Cosmopolitan magazine duo I bought in the airport. Considering they’re magazine own brand free gift nail polishes, they’re surprisingly okay!

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Brink Pink: This is a matte, bright pink lip cream. This stuff does not budge, although it can be hard to apply without being streaky.

Rimmel Glam Eyes 5-Pan HD Eyeshadow in Brixton Browns: I’ve seen this on blogs everywhere. It’s currently my favourite palette to use and has every colour you need to create a really pretty smokey eye. They’re all very well pigmented, honestly more than I expected!

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold: Another blogger darling! I’ve nearly hit pan on the very similar colour in the Sleek Lace blush palette, so it only seemed right that I picked up the single pan version. One of those colours so pretty, you can’t stop looking at it.

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pink Lemonade: This is my new go-to travel blush palette. I love Lace, but the colours are quite bright and can be hard to pull off. These on the other hand are much more natural looking, and suit my personal colouring better.

MUA Lipstick in Shade 4: This is a blue toned baby pink that I was told would be a great dupe for MAC’s Angel. Being honest, it’s the most meh of all my MUA lipsticks, and doesn’t really have the pigmentation I’ve come to expect.

MUA Matte Lipstick in Lilac Belle: This really caught my eye! It’s a really cute wearable lilac. It does drag a bit on application, and also really dries out the lips, but it is a matte lipstick so should be expected.

What beauty bits have you picked up lately?

Wet N’ Wild Haul


It’s just hauls galore over here right now! I’d not properly shopped since before Christmas and was going a bit stir-crazy and broke all at once.
Wet n’ Wild is a brand that was so often raved about by US beauty gurus and much coveted on this side of the pond. In January, much to the rejoicing of many Irish girls, stands started popping up in Penneys and Dunnes. My friend Anna was with me when I saw a fully stocked Wet n’ Wild on the Penneys on Cork’s Patricks St., I think she thought I was just a bit nuts. It’s a really great price point, and the quality is way beyond that of most cheaper brands. I already owned the Comfort Zone 8-pan, as well as the Walking on Eggshells and Silent Treatment trios, so I picked up a few other offerings from the brand to test out the formulations of other products.

ColourIcon 8-pan palette in Petal Pusher: The shadows are showing up much lighter here, but the main reason I picked this up was the “lid” and “crease” shadows on the right looked like dupes for MAC’s Trax and Beauty Marked. The crease shade on the right is actually a dead ringer for Blackheart from UD’s Naked 3 as well. Overall a very pretty palette of not-quite-neutrals for about the same as a Happy Meal.
ColourIcon Single in Nutty: I saw my beloved EssieButton talking about this, and knew I had to have it! It’s a really pretty taupe colour, it’s almost like a brown-silver duochrome that reminds me a lot of MAC’S Satin Taupe, with less of a purple undertone.

ColourIcon Blush in Heather Silk: Out of the 4 blushes on offer, this is the only one I actually liked. I totally justified this as I actually don’t have another blush like this. It manages to be both warm and blue-toned at the same time, and is just a really pretty matte mauve blush that I doubt will leave my cheeks over autumn/winter. Much like the shadows the blush formulation did not disappoint, it’s silky, pigmented. and blends almost like it’s a cream blush.

Megalast Nail Polish – L-R: Heatwave, Candy-licious: I realised I didn’t own a coral or a brighter pink nail polish and needed to rectify this! I really wanted to buy Tropicalia too but that had been totally bought out, so I picked up Heatwave, a pinky-orange-coral, and Candy-licious, a fairly bog standard barbie pink.

Wet n’ Wild Megalast Matte Lipsticks in L-R: Mauve Outta Here, Cinnamon Stick: Another Wet n’ Wild formula that doesn’t disappoint at all! I will definitely be picking loads more of these up. Mauve Outta Here is a very pretty mauve colour that is almost identical to the Heather Silk blush, Cinnamon Stick is a wine-red colour. Both are very pigmented matte finishes.

Have you tried anything from Wet n’ Wild that I should pick up?

Fashion Haul

Most of you probably don’t know, but I live in the depths of rural Ireland. When I say rural, I mean good luck finding a Costa without a 2 hour drive. I’m sometimes late for school because one of the local farmers is herding his cows down the road. It’s a bad way to be.

This means that chances to shop are few and far between, so recently me and my mum went for a day out to buy all of the things we’ve been needing. Mainly bits for my debs (prom in Ireland), but I’ll show you all of that in a separate post! This is actually over the course of 2 different trips.
Floral Dungarees – Penneys (Primark), €9: Penneys prices have been slowly creeping up, these could have easily been €14-17. At less than a tenner they were an absolute steal, such a gorgeous summer piece that I’ll get so much wear out of between beaches and festivals.
Sheer Patterned Shirt – Penneys (Primark), €10: I was a part of the german exchange with my school recently, and one of the girls was wearing this and I absolutely loved it, and all the more when I found out it was Penneys! Once again, this is something I’ll get a lot of wear out of, as it can be paired with so many items of clothing.
Slouchy Cropped Jumper – H&M, €19.95: This is a really lovely, lightweight muted mint green jumper. Once again it’s a lovely staple that looks gorgeous with anything from jeans to over dresses.
Grey Skater Dress – H&M, €10: This may look really plain, but it’s such a staple item to have. I’m going to do a post soon with examples of all the ways you can style this!
Floral top – H&M, €19.95: I love this t shirt, it’s just one of those things that goes with everything and that I’ll live and die in! Can be dressed up or down, which is exactly what I need.
Denim Shirt – H&M, €7: I got this on sale, it’s another piece I absolutely love. I generally throw it on over the top of things to add that extra homeless chic.
Mint Green Leather Jacket – Burshka, €24: Oh my. Me and my mum spotted this at the exact same time and agreed I couldn’t be without it. It’s a really great price, it looks much more expensive than it actually was, which is always the dream!

Pastel Bow Jelly Sandals – Penneys, €5 – These Ted Baker imitation jelly sandals are absolutely gorgeous. I actually bought them as shoes to wear at the debs when my heels get too much, but they will definitely get other wear too! They’re so cute.

Midi Rings 3 Pack – Penneys, €1.50: I really love midi rings, I’m not sure about the moon one but the others are cute, for €1.50 it felt rude to say no.
9 Pack of Studs – Penneys, €3: I never really buy earrings from anywhere other than Penneys, I always lose studs or they just get a bit manky looking so I picked up this new 9 pack.
Bangles – Wear Eponymous*: I thought I’d include these bangles that Wear Eponymous kindly sent me. Thanks guys!

Floral Earrings – Amity Boutique, €10: I didn’t actually pay for these as I was returning something and had store credit. They’re just very simple, cute Cath Kidston style earrings.

Flower clips, H&M, 50c: I picked these up at the checkout at H&M.. they’re cute at were 50c. What else can I say?

Anything from this haul you really like?

Beauty Haul

I’d just like to try and justify myself a little here;

  1. This is everything I’ve bought since February. (Apart from a nyx order that I’m expecting, but that gets a post of it’s own.)
  2. Most of it was either on offer, bought through boots points, or acquired somehow.
  3. I don’t need to justify myself to you guys, do I? We’re all friends here.
These first two bits I picked up in Lidl, which doesn’t seem like the obvious destination for beauty products!
Argan Oil Hair Treatment – I’ve heard a lot about argan oil treatments, but they’ve always been really expensive. For the sake of under €3 I thought I’d give it a go to see if it can restore some life in my fried hair, and see if it’s any good for conditioning my makeup brushes after they’ve been washed.
Osiris Avise CC Cream – Once again, it was under €3, so if it doesn’t work for me not much has been lost. I’ve never used a CC Cream before, I’m looking forward to giving it a go as I have seen a couple of positive reviews.
Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara Mini – I thought I’d include this, although I didn’t actually buy it! It got sent to me in a package and I have absolutely no idea who sent it to me.. Not complaining about free mascara though!
Rimmel Stay Glossy in Black Diva – No, I am not going full on goth. I know this seems weird, but I won’t say too much about it yet. Full post about it coming on Wednesday!
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – I was running low on my current tube of this concealer, and really needed to buy a new one. My friend Karis had an unopened tube in my shade (too light for her), and I had a Wake Me Up that Rimmel had sent me (too dark for me), so we did a little swap. You don’t need me to tell you how much I love this concealer, every other blogger in the world and I have harped on enough already.
I didn’t think I had enough boots points for both of these, but then they were both half price. Don’t you just love when things like that happen?
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I’ve been hearing people talk about Bioderma for about a year now, but at the time wasn’t big on skincare and wasn’t going to hunt down some expensive cleanser. All of a sudden the high street has released it’s micellar water offerings, with L’oreal, Garnier and Nivea all coming out with their own versions. You get a lot for your money with this Garnier one and I was running low on my Simple makeup remover so thought I’d give it a go to see what the hype is about.
Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer – This really intrigued me. It’s a gel based primer that promises to hydrate and create a smooth, flawless base for makeup. If there’s one thing I need it’s moisture, so for the price, I thought it was worth a go. I picked up the dry & sensitive skin version, but there is a combination/normal version too. I haven’t seen much about this in the blogosphere, so if you’re interested in a review, do let me know.
 This really isn’t interesting, but I may as well include them anyway. I just picked up some new cotton pads from Dunnes.. I don’t have a particular favourite brand of cotton pads, I just grab whatever is in the supermarket. Does anyone actually have favourite cotton pads? Is that a thing?
If you have any recent haul posts, please link me as I love reading them! 

E.l.f Cosmetics // Beautycrowd Haul

I recently got involved with one of BeautyCrowd‘s live streams, which is basically a weekly live broadcast about all things beauty, the weird & wonderful, the upcoming trends, and they feature a few of their favourite bloggers. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by them in their 9th show, which was absolutely lovely! BeautyCrowd very kindly sent me out this package of E.L.F makeup. As some of you have probably noticed, I am a little bit obsessed with E.L.F, so this was more than exciting to open.

Matte Finisher Nail Polish Matte nails seem to be much less trendy for the S/S14 season, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I think there is something about a matte black or nude nail that is so effortlessly classy. I’m looking forward to seeing how this version of the matte topcoat compares to the more expensive likes of Essie and Bourjois.
Glam Bam Nail Polish Set This is an absolutely gorgeous trio of nail polishes – Golden Goddess is a gold glitter topcoat that I can’t wait to wear over some black polish, Blush is a very pretty champagne/pink colour, and Cranberry is a beautiful dark burgundy/red that probably won’t leave my nails in Autumn/Winter! I’ve used E.L.F polishes before and the quality has always been really great.

Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Black I’ve talked about this before in my High Street Vs. High End: Classic Look post. Before I was converted to gel liner (and I’m not sure any liquid liner can convince me again), this was my go-to liner. I still really like it, and if you get on best with liquid liners this is worth a go. Stays put, thin brush for easy precision, and is the blackest black there has ever been.
Essentials Eyeliner Brush BeautyCrowd sent me out a hu-uuge box of palettes and brushes back in December, and this was one of the brushes I received then. I adore this brush for adding matte black/dark brown eyeshadow very close to the lashline to softly line my eyes and make my lashline look fuller, the bristles feel dense but are still soft, and it is really easy to wash as well, which is sometimes the downfall of cheaper brushes.

Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky Oh my. This is one of the prettiest blushes I ever did see. You know those makeup items that make you feel genuinely excited? This is one of those! It’s the most gorgeous peach-pink with gold shimmer. Similar to the Sleek Rose Gold blush only more of a peachy undertone. You get 6g of product as well, which I’m sure I’ll never be able to work through! I’m sure this is going to be on my cheeks throughout all of summer.

Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Texas As well as the blush, I was a bit more than excited about this. I’m a bit neutral palette crazy, I’m firmly in denial about the argument that one could ever have too many neutral eyeshadows. Ridiculous!
They have 4 different baked palettes available but I very luckily got sent the one I’ve been lusting over, texas. With a perfect range of pretty colours, I’d go as far as to say it might be a nice little alternative to the Naked 2 if you weren’t wanting to splash out. Will definitely include this in a High Street vs. High End post comparing the two.

Thanks very much to the whole team over at BeautyCrowd!

Mini-benefit Haul

I’ve tried a few things from Benefit in the past, and in general found their products to be excellent. I decided to bite the bullet and pick up some full size items that I had previously used up samples of and loved, or that I had heard raved about and decided to try!
Lemon Aid Colour Correcting Eye Primer 
POREfessional Primer and pore minimizer
Benetint Cheek & Lip Tint 
They’re Real! Mascara 
Have you tried anything from Benefit worth checking out? 🙂