Bits of Life // January 2015

Welcome to my new monthly series, Bits of Life! I have to confess the concept for this was entirely stolen from Karis, who did a similar style of post back in May. I wanted to do this alongside my monthly beauty favourites to illustrate what else I’ve been doing and loving this month – Stuff I’ve been up to, my favourite books/songs/tv etc. Let me know what you think of this feature, I’m really excited to include it!

Bits I’ve Done //

Organising the #CorkBlogMeet15: Other than school work, January has been pretty quiet. However, I have been busy organising the blogger event I’m hosting next month! PR samples are arriving for goodie bags, invites have been sent, plans are being finalised. I’m really enjoying organising it and I’m so nervous for it to go ahead. I can’t wait to share every aspect of the day with all of you!

Weekend in Dublin: Last weekend, me and Aran took a trip up to Dublin to visit Karis and Rachel, as you can see in this picture with me at the most unflattering angle. We had a very relaxed time, apart from my inappropriate footwear choices meaning I hobbled around the place like a freak. I love how busy and energetic Dublin is, it’s such a change from my regular quiet country life, and makes it quite therapeutic to return home afterwards. I’ll be up and down fairly constantly over the next month or so for events and some other things I have coming up, which is very exciting, although once you’ve done enough 10 hour round trips in a month, you grow slightly sick of the sight of a coach.

Bits I’ve Read //

Book – #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso: My favourite book that I read this month was undoubtedly #GIRLBOSS. The memoirs of the unconventional multi-millionaire fashion mogul Sophia Amoruso as she set up her business empire, Nasty Gal. Far from a feminist manifesto, the book gives invaluable, realistic advice on working hard to get where you want to be. Inspiring, funny, and I didn’t put it down in the two days I read it.
Blog – FERAL CREATURE: FERAL CREATURE is the blog of Eugénie Grey, an LA/NYC based blogger with the most incredible style. Her photos are beautiful, every outfit is totally unique to the last, and her style is totally on point. Definition of cool girl, I’ve consistently loved her posts above all other this month and draw a lot of inspiration from her,

Bits I’ve Watched //

TV – Skins: I know this isn’t exactly new on the radar, but this month, pretty much all I’ve watched is the UK teen cult classic Skins. A favourite of mine when I was about 14, my boyfriend had never seen it before, so I introduced it to him. Leading me to re-watching everything and several weekend binge watching sessions with Aran. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re into slightly gritty, angsty teen dramas with more drug use and sex than anyone of that age actually partakes in.
YouTube – EssieButton: I’ve watched Estée for a few years now, and she is without question my favourite ‘Beauty/Lifestyle’ YouTuber. She’s so honest, genuine, lovely and downright stylish. I can tell that if I met her in the street she’d be genuinely happy to have a conversation about cool teas and minimalist interior decor, and I think that’s why I love her so much. I’ve had a couple of Essie marathons in the past month, which earned her the particular favourite!

Bits I’ve Listened To //

My music listening has been really sporadic and odd this month. Usually I have a few current favourites that I listen to almost non-stop, but I seem to be stuck in a real ‘skip to the next track’ phase. You know when you can’t settle on a song, and when you come up with something you might want to listen to, it doesn’t sound right? That. Regardless, here is a Spotify playlist of my favourite tracks of the month:

Other Bits I’ve Been Loving //

Food – Avocados: I think I must have a bit of an obsessive/addictive personality, as much like when I get obsessed with music, I get obsessed with foods. Avocados are my current love of choice. An avocado with balsamic vinegar or mashed avocado with garlic on toast are my current snacks of choice, and healthy ones at that. Mmm.
Bit’s You’ve Loved // 

My most popular post this month was Starting A Blog? Here’s Some Advice. Blogging advice seems to be a big new thing as more and more people climb aboard the bandwagon, so I shared my two cents on what I wish people had told me when I began, and it went down very well!
I really hope you enjoy this style of post, let me know what you think below! 

Soundtrack to my 2014

That moment when you spend an absolute age writing out a list and then realise you spelled Plateau wrong. Forgive me, friends.

I wasn’t kidding when I said you’d be sick of “2014” by the time I finished all my round-up posts. Don’t worry, my head will be firmly in the new year after this one! It’s just so nice to look back on the year and share all of it’s best bits. I’ve wanted to share a playlist or something music-related here for absolutelyages. I’ve posted about my experience at gigs before, but something I just don’t talk about enough here is music. I’m big into music in pretty much any form it takes in my life, from playing and writing my own, cramped band practice in my friends barn to headliners at festivals – It’s a huge part of my personal identity. Throughout the year I have kept monthly playlists on Spotify, and it’s so nice to look back at what I’ve listened to throughout the year and the memories associated with it, like an audio scrapbook almost. I thought I’d share my playlist of 2014 – I essentially whittled it down to 22 songs I’d consider “important”, or at least were my favourites of the year. They all have a memory attached to them, be it a party I had in August, a gig I went to in November, or when life was gettin’ me down in February. All in all, it’s a pretty solid collection of songs and artists. I hope you like it too! If you have a similar playlist I’d love to check it out, follow me on Spotify for more, and if you’re a fan I will definitely do these more regularly, maybe even monthly as part of my favourites!

What was your favourite song of 2014?

#MTVCrashesCork with Boohoo




So, picture this – You’ve just done three exams. You’re tired and ill. You come in from school expecting to go straight to bed. All of a sudden, there’s an email in your inbox from Boohoo asking you if you fancy 2 VIP passes to an MTV gig in your city.. Just an average day, right?
After hurredly getting all of my things together, fixing my eyeliner, throwing on a playsuit from Boohoo in lieu of my grey school uniform and making sure my memory card was in my camera, I headed to Cork for the gig. If you want to know a bit more about what this event was, you should definitely click here to read the post I did about it at the beginning of the month. It was in the absolutely beautiful Cork City Hall. I’ve been there before for events with my school, so to see it decked out with film cameras, fancy lights and sound equipment was quite surreal! MTV really had spared no expense in making it an incredible show, and what an incredible setting to match. The grand architecture offset with beautiful lights and strobes was a juxtaposition of old and new that went together in such a beautiful way, the aesthetics were almost as impressive as the music. I don’t talk about it enough on this but I am an absolute music junkie, so getting the chance to go to gigs through my blog is essentially a dream come true! This is probably the most exciting thing I’ve had the chance to do through my blog. Plus, me and the boyfriend got “papped” and made it in to the Irish Independent the next day, how suave.
First up were Gorgon City – My personal favourite of the two acts that night. You’ve probably heard the absolute banger that has shot them to fame ‘Ready For Your Love‘ (if not, get yourself to Spotify right now), and if you don’t know them, they remind me a lot of Disclosure. I anticipate them being absolutely huge in 2015, so I feel really privileged to have seen them at their first Irish gig in such an intimate setting, as well as getting the chance to chat to them after their set. If you get a chance to see them at all over the summer festival season get yourself there, they’re a sight to behold.
Next up was Jesse Ware – In all honesty, I feel like Gorgon City overshadowed her and that the set should have been in the opposite order. She is much more chill listening, so the crowd were totally hyped from Gorgon City, and she didn’t deliver the energy in the same way. Having said that, she was still fabulous, but in my eyes, Gorgon City stole the show.
It was absolutely wonderful overall, and it was such a privilege to have the chance to attend what is a pivotal moment in Cork’s history as a city of culture. I think we truly showed that Cork knows how to party, and will put us on the map for future major music events! I wish I’d had a chance to attend some of the other shows on in the city such as Hudson Taylor, but unfortunately, it was too much of a distance to travel up for all of them.. I can’t wait to live in a city and make music events more viable!
Thank you so much to Boohoo and Burrell PR for giving me the chance to do this – it was amazing!

Mtv Crashes Cork


 Promo Images Courtesy of Action Media

I’m pretty excited about this one. For those of you new here, I’m a Cork girl. I’ve lived in Cork for the past 15 years, after moving from the UK when I was 2. My whole living memory is here, and I feel pretty attached. When I move away, this is what I’ll call home.
The recession hit Ireland pretty hard when I was about 10. For 6 years, Cork slowly deteriorated. The beautiful architecture was lost amongst boarded up windows, garish signs advertising liquidation sales, homelessness, and a grey, overcast depressing aura that made it an unpleasant place to be. It’s really sad seeing somewhere lose all of it’s spark. Especially as a young person, when a city has nothing to offer, it makes everything feel a bit hopeless. I remember the saddest day was when I saw the shop that sold me my first guitar (and sold Rory Gallagher his!) has closed down.
Alas, it’s not all doom and gloom. In the past year, everything has started to turn around. Shops are opening up again. All of a sudden, there’s cool restaurants and bars springing up on every side street. Vintage shops and boutiques on every corner. Cool cafe’s, bookshops, tattoo parlours, you name it, as far as the eye can see. You get big bands stopping in playing intimate venues for enthusiastic crowds. Cork is becoming a trendy city on the national and international map. This is really exciting for me, as someone in my mid/late teens, seeing the place I’m from become somewhere to be proud of!
This is why I’m so excited that MTV has chosen Cork as their next destination for #MTVCrashes. If you don’t know what this is (in all honesty, I didn’t before this!), it’s where MTV “crashes” a small or lesser known city with a cool free/very cheap music event with a big artist, and broadcast it all over the world, in this case to over 160 countries. This will put Cork right on the map.
On November 24th-26th there are going to be 3 ‘music trails’ around the city, with upcoming and mainstream Irish artists performing throughout. These are yet to be announced, but I’m so excited to see who they are! The main event with Jesse Ware and Gorgon City will be on November 27th in Cork City Hall. A beautiful venue, I think it’s going to be a wonderful gig. I really love Gorgon City, who you should definitely check out if you’re a fan of Disclosure! If you’re from Cork, or even cities nearby, get yourself down for a celebration of Irish and international music that’s going to be pretty spectacular.

Tickets will be available on Thursday the 13th of November from 1pm on They’re pretty limited, so snap them up fast to avoid disappointment! 

Ootd: Longitude Festival Day 2

This was my outfit from the Saturday of Longitude fest, which was definitely my favourite. I’ve never worn it before, and I don’t really know how I thought of it, I just threw these bits in my bag and ended up putting it all together and it worked quite well. It’ll probably become my standard concert going outfit for future things, it’s really comfortable and lightweight (crowds get crazy hot), and it reflects my personal style really well. I went a bit more out-there with my makeup for the second day, I’ve definitely learned that I need to bring bright makeup/glitter next time! I love how out there festival makeup is, and it’s 100% acceptable.


In terms of the line-up, the Saturday definitely had the best main stage-wise. There were a few acts I wasn’t really fussed about, which gave me a chance to check out some of the smaller stages, but I was really impressed with Sam Smith, The 1975, HAIM and Disclosure. Not a Sam Smith fan, but he was pretty great live! The 1975 had so much energy and HAIM really know how to capture an audience. Disclosure were the highlight of the whole festival for me. Absolutely mind blowing live, definite post-concert depression on that one!



Beanie: H&M
Crop Top: Topshop
Skater Dress: H&M
Plaid Shirt: Vintage shop in Bristol (I can’t remember the name!)
Wellies: Penneys (Primark)
Bag: Yoshi
Thanks again to my friend Flo for outfit photographing!

Ootd: Longitude Festival Day 1


Hello! Although I have somehow miraculously managed to keep up with posting every other day, I have been ridiculously busy as of late. I’ve barely had time to check my Facebook, let alone blog.. I’ve inadvertently taken a bit of a break, although it didn’t interrupt my posting. I have today off to just sit and write up some new posts, many of which are fashion based for the next week or so!
Last weekend I went to Longitude Festival in Dublin. I have to say, it was one of the best weekends of my life! There was an amazing atmosphere, the whole thing passed with no major incident. In beautiful Marlay Park, surrounded by old friends and new ones, listening to amazing music in beautiful sunshine. Ideal! I thought it would be fun to share my outfits I wore over the 3 days with you guys, as I don’t really post what I wear on my blog anywhere near enough.



I put this outfit together thinking about layers and light, loose clothing. Comfort is my overall goal and this was definitely a good move. Probably a bit warm for tights, but other than that, this would definitely be a repeat outfit for festivals/gigging!
In terms of the actual festival, the Friday was great. I got barrier for Bombay Bicycle Club (my favourite band), and caught the lead singer/guitarist Jack’s guitar pick! I also saw George Ezra, Hudson Taylor, Kristal Klear, Bonobo and John Talbot. If you’re in to electronic music and get the chance to see Kristal Klear live, definitely check them out.




Beanie: H&M
Necklace: Delilah Dust*
Denim Shirt: H&M
Vest top: H&M
Skirt: Primark
Wellies: Primark
Bag: Yoshi
Thanks to my friend Flo for being my outfit photographer for the 3 days as well!

Ootd: Longitude Festival Day 3

This was the final day of the festival, and also the one where I was most haggard and tired. I think the bruises all over my legs in these photos say it all! Funnily enough, living on nothing but stuff from the Lidl Bakery and alcohol, barely sleeping and going absolutely nuts at gigs isn’t the best for your heath. Who’d have guessed?

In terms of the festival, the main stage line-up was definitely least impressive today. I saw Rudimental who were pretty great, but I actually ended up leaving for the headliners Massive Attack. Partly because they were disappointing live, partly because of the creepy guy who kept trying to kiss me.. Which is no fun. This was a great day for the smaller stages, and I spent pretty much the whole day dancing to some really cool DJ sets. I’ve learned that line-up isn’t actually the main factor of a festival at all!



White Crop Top: Topshop
Floral Dugarees: Penneys
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Yoshi
Once again, thanks to my friend Flo for the outfit photos! That’s it for my festival fashion posts. As a stark contrast, my next post will be photos from my friend’s debs (prom) which he invited me to! I’m really enjoying posting more fashion orientated stuff lately, as it’s something I really love but don’t feature enough on here. I started this blog primarily as an outlet for my interest in makeup, but I’m really loving branching out a bit more into a variety of posts, and I hope you guys like it too!