About Me

Zoë with Umlauts is the blog of Zoë Holman: 17 year old self-confessed wannabe goth and cat obsessive from Cork, Ireland.

I started this blog in January 2014, when I was 16 years old. Basically, I was pretty bored, and wanted an outlet to display my ridiculously large makeup collection to the world and somewhere to write. It ended up growing quite a lot, and while in the grand scheme of things I’m still a tiny creature, my blog has taken me to some pretty cool places and allowed me to do really cool stuff that I’m very grateful for.
Unlikely to be seen with the same hair colour twice in a row. If I were to describe my style in three words, it would be halloween, holographic and fluffy. I love cats. I’m really short and very clumsy. This is basically a little scrapbook of my hobbies, my outfits and my general life. Thanks for choosing to read it!


Why are you called that? Okay, see those two little dots above the ë? That is called an umlaut. No one ever includes them in my name, so whenever I spell my name for anyone, I have to say “Zoë, with umlauts over the e”. Since you can’t include umlauts in usernames, zoewithumlauts seemed like a pretty good username for everything. It just stuck, and has become my online identity!

What camera/lens do you use? I use a few! For beauty posts, I use my Canon 600d with a 18-55mm lens. For fashion, I use my Canon 600d with a 70-300mm zoom lens. For lifestyle posts, I’ll usually use a mixture of pictures from my phone (HTC One Mini, edited with VSCO Cam), or a SONY 10mpx Camera.

Where are you from? I’m not even entirely sure! I was born in the UK, but have lived in Ireland since I was 2 (so nearly 16 years!). That means I have kind of a weird accent that no one can place. It’s cool. Don’t worry about asking.

Will you do a review of _____? If it’s relevant to my blog and it fits with what I’m looking for, of course! Get in touch with me and we’ll work something out.