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Bits of Life // April 2015

Welcome to another edition of “bits of life!” Essentially, sharing some stuff I’ve been up to over the past month with you all. April has been fairly full-on (when aren’t things full-on for me?!), but the first half of the month was spent mainly relaxing, which was nice. It was quite an exciting month, I find whenever I get to do cool new stuff, it makes me really look forward to the coming months and what fun stuff they hold, too. This is a bit of a mishmash of the highlights of the month!

Time off/Spending time with friends and family (As demonstrated in the above photo!) // Easter meant I had two weeks off to not only relax and get some stuff done that I simply don’t have the hours in the day for whilst at school, but it gave me the chance to spend some time with people I love. I spent a lot of time with the best friend and boyfriend of course, I also went to Kildare stayed with Rachel, as well as having a few of my other close friends around for a bit of a shindig. It’s so nice to have that catchup time, I don’t get to see a lot of my closest friends often, and even the ones I do, it’s just not the same in school. Now I’m just counting down to summer!

Photoshoot for Fashion Revolution // April gave me my first chance to try out being an actual model as opposed to just posing in the street for the blawg. Something I never thought I’d be able to do, as a slightly chubby, average at best, 5″4 girl! I’m so so happy with how the photos turned out, you can see the first look I shot by clicking here, and the next one will be going up on Saturday (May 2nd)! This was a little snap I took of some of the to-die-for sunglasses in the dressing area.

Boohoo event // I didn’t get the chance to attend any other events due to commitments and school, but I did go along to theBoohoo Press Day, which you can read all about here! So much love for Boohoo, I also got to meet the first blogger I ever read back in 2009, Leanne, which was great. I also posted the outfit I wore that day here!

Job.. // I got an actual job!! I am now a Brand Ambassador for! I’m delighted to be a part of the brand, it’s such a great opportunity for me as someone who’s interested in marketing as a career.. So I’m sure you’ll see more of that on here as time goes on!

To see more of what I get up to throughout the months, follow me on Instagram @zoewithumlauts!

April 2015 Favourites


Once again.. We have the classic blogger phrase. Where did April go? The month has absolutely flown, and to tell you the truth, it’s been a fairly vanilla month in terms of beauty. I’ve been so busy and not really doing much that requires interesting make up, so it’s been a very “natural” month. Nevertheless, as usual there have been a few products I’ve been reaching for a lot this month!

Clinique Age Defense SPF30 BB Cream: This has been my base product all month.. I have a post on my current base routine coming up soon featuring this, so look out for that! It’s quite a thick cream with a matte finish that has very high coverage for a BB Cream, and I really do love it. I also love that it has SPF, as we’re getting in to the time of year when I really need protection to avoid a total face disaster. It’s at the pricier end of the scale, but a little goes such a long way with this!

Lidl Suddenly Diamonds Perfume: a Snob’s Review


I’ll hold my hands up and say it: I am a perfume snob. I’ll happily use high street makeup until the cows come home, I’m always looking for a quality lower-end dupe for luxury products. When it comes to perfume though, I am a total designer slave. I think my first ever perfume was Ms. Dior, my current love is YSL Black Opium. The idea that I’d be caught in public in a perfume from Lidl was actually kinda laughable.

Boohoo Haul

I am a big Boohoo fan. I’d say that’s pretty abundantly clear if you’re a regular reader – it’s rare I have an outfit not featuring them! I am lucky enough to work with them on a regular basis, which does mean I get gifted clothes from them, but I genuinely do adore their stuff. It’s good value, and always fits me like a glove. I’ve done a bit of shopping recently so thought I’d show you what I picked up!

My Hair Care Routine

Before this year, I never really shared a haircare or skincare post. It wasn’t something that really interested me at all. Like, I didn’t even condition my hair before I started bleaching it in 2013. I didn’t take care of my hair, I hold my hands up in shame. Since I started colouring/bleaching my hair I’ve had no choice but to start caring for it, or else it just all falls out and feels like animal bedding. To give you an idea of my hair type for the purpose of review, I have naturally light blonde hair that’s been bleached to a white blonde (and has been bleached a lot of times!), with various shades of purple added throughout. It’s naturally very thick, but is thinner since I bleached it due to hair loss.

Asian Beauty Haul With Bonjour Hk


I always love working with fun brands. Obviously, I adore the sort of topics I write about, so I’m always bloomin’ delighted when I get offered cool collaborations. Occasionally though, I get offered something that makes me really excited.
Bonjour HK is a website that offers Asian beauty brands at good prices, shipped worldwide. I’m a big fan of anything cute andkawaii, I adore South Korean and Japanese fashion culture, so I was so excited when they offered me a package of products to test! Here is what they kindly sent me!
(I won’t put a star next to every product sent, so for the sake of disclosure in case it isn’t obvious, I was gifted all of these!) 

10 (Non-beauty/fashion) Blogs You Should Be Following

I did a post about sharing the blogging love a while ago and gave a list of some of my favourite bloggers, but they were all beauty/fashion based. The beauty and fashion blogging industry is huge, so there’s a saturated market of lots of amazing bloggers. As I’m getting more and more in to lifestyle blogging myself, I’m getting more and more in to reading a diverse range of blogs. My personal favourites are blogs that have a mix of fashion, beauty and general life, much like my own! I thought I’d share my favourite 10 lifestyle/recipe/travel etc blogs, for you to check out when you’re getting a bit sick of the same fashion/beauty reads!

I Can’t Shut Up About Rimmel Provocalips


Every so often, I encounter a product that I don’t shut up about. That I fall totally, head over heels in love with. It happened with the NYX Butter Glosses, it happened with my LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser. Right now? It’s the Rimmel Provocalips.

When I see reviews of products that claim they last all day, I take them with a serious pinch of salt. All day? Impossible. But nope, these do actually last all day.
Each of the colours performs equally well, with no disparity in quality from lightest to darkest. It applies like a relatively thin lacquer. The temptation is to rub your lips together, but from my experience, the best way to do it is to apply it in a thin layer, and allow it to dry. I usually apply two coats to ensure it’s bold, and it really does last. It lives up to all of its claims.

I can eat and drink no problem. One thing that really amazes me is it is totally transfer proof. You can apply the balm and wipe it off again and have the matte colour remain intact. Aran always gets annoyed with me when I kiss him and get “stainy” lipstick all over him – these don’t even leave a hint of colour, not even the darkest red! I can totally vouch for it’s “kiss-proof” claims!

One thing I really like about it, is that you can choose whether or not you want to have it matte or more glossy. I’m quite a fan of a matte lip but I’m able to to add more of a moisturising quality if I need to.

Okay, so whilst I love these, they come with a few things I should warn you about: Firstly, don’t put on toomany layers. It ends up making your lips look, as Aran kindly told me, like they’ve been dipped in acrylic paint.
My main gripe with them: They’re a bitch to remove. The sacrifice of how long wearing they are is how difficult they are to get off. I’ve tried everything – oil/balm cleansers, micellar waters, wipes.. You really have to scrub to get these off, leaving your lips/surrounding mouth irritated. Have a good balm on hand, I’d suggest not wearing them daily as it will cause a bit of lip irritation. Other than that, I’m pretty obsessed, and I need to pick up some more.. Excuse the slightly dodgy lip swatches, applying, removing and reapplying makes for messier and messier finishes apparently! 

The shade Dare to Pink*, a nude shade that looks less pink than the tube would suggest. Probably the worst performing shade as it can look a bit crumbly, but looks fine with 2 layers of colour. Top is just lacquer, bottom has balm over the top.


I’ll Call You*, a punchy, mauve pink. I love wearing this matte and it performs beautifully, it stays looking fresh all day. Top is matte, bottom has balm applied over the top.


My favourite is Play With Fire*, it is such a beautiful dark blue-toned red. I like this matte and with the balm/gloss. It doesn’t budge, which is so important for me with a red, and makes my teeth look crazy white!

Have you tried the Rimmel Provocalips?

Giveaway: Win a €100 Boohoo Voucher With Insurgent


This is very exciting, it’s the biggest giveaway I’ve ever had here.. A prize I’m quite jealous of! I rep Boohoo on the regular (after doing some work experience at Burrell PR, the people who take care of Boohoo in Ireland, I feel a sentimental connection), and so naturally, I was absolutely delighted to be approached to do a giveaway a €100 voucher for, to celebrate the release of Insurgent!

Insurgent is the 2nd in the Divergent Trilogy, and is being released in Irish cinemas on March 19th, so to celebrate, they’ve teamed up with Boohoo to offer me this amazing prize!

Debenhams Ss15 Press Show

This is actually going up quite late, but on the 19th of February I attended the Debenhams Spring/Summer 2015 press show. I felt very lucky to be invited, it’s probably the swankiest/biggest event I’ve ever attended and I did feel a bit like an ugly duckling amongst the swans, but nevertheless, it was a really nice event! It was in the Morrison hotel, I’ve attended events there before and it’s a gorgeous setting. They had a selection of beauty, fashion and homewares on display, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite bits and pieces from the event! I have to say, I was actually surprised at how much of the fashion I liked. I’d kind of considered Debenhams more somewhere my grandma would shop for clothes, but some of this seasons fashion really caught my attention!

Bits of Life // February 2015

February has been a bit of a crazy month for me. The beginning of the month I was really unwell, which rendered me totally out of action for a good week or so. I’m not the sort of person who’s happy to just sit back and recover, so it was really hard for me to let go of all responsibilities and commitments in order to get better. Then, once I was better, I was so intensely busy, it was a bit insane! As with last month, this post gives me a chance to share everything I’ve been up to with you, as well as everything else I’ve been loving this month!

February 2015 Favourites


In the first of my February round-up posts comes my favourite beauty of the month! I’ve been using a lot of new products. I suppose after Christmas, with a season of new releases and me trying to use up products, I’ve got through quite a lot! This is my favourite 5 of the month.

#corkblogmeet15: the (Other) Goodie Bags!


Okay, I promise this is my last post about the #CorkBlogMeet15, I’m sure you’re pretty sick of it by now! I did a post about the goodie bag I put together for everyone, as well as a post all about the day itself. The brands involved on the day were so generous, so I thought I’d share that with you, too! I’ll probably review a few of these at some point.. Essentially, this is just a huge haul. Thank you so much to Debenhams, The Body Shop, MeMeMe and IsaDora for the generosity!


Photo by Aine
Unless you don’t follow me or basically any other Cork/Irish beauty blogger on Twitter/Facebook or you’ve been living under some kind of Zoë with Umlauts free rock, you’ll probably have heard about the #CorkBlogMeet15. It was a meetup/day of events I organised for a group of 22 bloggers on Saturday the 21st of February. I’m so proud of how the day went! I had the little idea at the beginning of December and it blossomed into something incredible, thanks to the help of all the amazing brands I had involved! I, of course, had to do a post sharing what I got up to. I also shared the goodie bags I prepared for everyonehere, and my next post will be on the AMAZING goodies generously shared by the brands involved on the day. Then, I promise I’ll shut up about it. I’m going to go through the day in order of events!

#corkblogmeet15: the Goodie Bag!

By the time this post goes live, the #CorkBlogMeet15 will probably just be finishing up. Ahhh!! So nervous, but so excited for the day I have planned for everyone. Keep an eye out, as I’ll have a post live on Monday with all of the days events.

I couldn’t believe the uptake the event had. So many people wanted to go, I allowed for 20 attendees, which turned into 22, but there was a total of 40 people that signed up to attend. I was so shocked that so many people wanted to come, but so excited that there were so many Cork bloggers interested.

I thought I’d put together a goodie bag to say thanks to everyone for coming along for the day. I contacted brands I’d worked with before and put together a rather excellent assortment of items, if I do say so myself! If you couldn’t attend fear not, as some brands rather generously included more products than bloggers attending in their packages, so I’m going to do a giveaway with those next month.