HUGE Empty Products (#6)



My new years resolution of using products up has really worked, huh! I’ve been tearing through stuff, vigilantly using stuff daily in order to properly test it and wade through the absolute sea of stuff that I have (A method that hasn’t been working too well on account of new stuff coming constantly. Not that I’m complaining!). This is what I used up from February-March! I know this isn’t going up until May.. That’s just how organised I am.

Empties #5



I’m on a bit of a use up everything mission this year. My major goal is to clear the frankly monstrous backlog of products I have, and it was the only new years resolution I have. This means bringing hand cream everywhere with me. No more not being bothered with body lotion. Actually having a skincare routine. I buy and get gifted such an obscene amount of products, I have no excuse but to get through them! I also recently had a bit of a streamline of the ol’ makeup collection, getting rid of things that I ought to have got rid of a long time ago, but that’s for another post.

Lidl Suddenly Diamonds Perfume: a Snob’s Review


I’ll hold my hands up and say it: I am a perfume snob. I’ll happily use high street makeup until the cows come home, I’m always looking for a quality lower-end dupe for luxury products. When it comes to perfume though, I am a total designer slave. I think my first ever perfume was Ms. Dior, my current love is YSL Black Opium. The idea that I’d be caught in public in a perfume from Lidl was actually kinda laughable.

My Hair Care Routine

Before this year, I never really shared a haircare or skincare post. It wasn’t something that really interested me at all. Like, I didn’t even condition my hair before I started bleaching it in 2013. I didn’t take care of my hair, I hold my hands up in shame. Since I started colouring/bleaching my hair I’ve had no choice but to start caring for it, or else it just all falls out and feels like animal bedding. To give you an idea of my hair type for the purpose of review, I have naturally light blonde hair that’s been bleached to a white blonde (and has been bleached a lot of times!), with various shades of purple added throughout. It’s naturally very thick, but is thinner since I bleached it due to hair loss.

Asian Beauty Haul With Bonjour Hk


I always love working with fun brands. Obviously, I adore the sort of topics I write about, so I’m always bloomin’ delighted when I get offered cool collaborations. Occasionally though, I get offered something that makes me really excited.
Bonjour HK is a website that offers Asian beauty brands at good prices, shipped worldwide. I’m a big fan of anything cute andkawaii, I adore South Korean and Japanese fashion culture, so I was so excited when they offered me a package of products to test! Here is what they kindly sent me!
(I won’t put a star next to every product sent, so for the sake of disclosure in case it isn’t obvious, I was gifted all of these!) 

I Can’t Shut Up About Rimmel Provocalips


Every so often, I encounter a product that I don’t shut up about. That I fall totally, head over heels in love with. It happened with the NYX Butter Glosses, it happened with my LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser. Right now? It’s the Rimmel Provocalips.

When I see reviews of products that claim they last all day, I take them with a serious pinch of salt. All day? Impossible. But nope, these do actually last all day.
Each of the colours performs equally well, with no disparity in quality from lightest to darkest. It applies like a relatively thin lacquer. The temptation is to rub your lips together, but from my experience, the best way to do it is to apply it in a thin layer, and allow it to dry. I usually apply two coats to ensure it’s bold, and it really does last. It lives up to all of its claims.

I can eat and drink no problem. One thing that really amazes me is it is totally transfer proof. You can apply the balm and wipe it off again and have the matte colour remain intact. Aran always gets annoyed with me when I kiss him and get “stainy” lipstick all over him – these don’t even leave a hint of colour, not even the darkest red! I can totally vouch for it’s “kiss-proof” claims!

One thing I really like about it, is that you can choose whether or not you want to have it matte or more glossy. I’m quite a fan of a matte lip but I’m able to to add more of a moisturising quality if I need to.

Okay, so whilst I love these, they come with a few things I should warn you about: Firstly, don’t put on toomany layers. It ends up making your lips look, as Aran kindly told me, like they’ve been dipped in acrylic paint.
My main gripe with them: They’re a bitch to remove. The sacrifice of how long wearing they are is how difficult they are to get off. I’ve tried everything – oil/balm cleansers, micellar waters, wipes.. You really have to scrub to get these off, leaving your lips/surrounding mouth irritated. Have a good balm on hand, I’d suggest not wearing them daily as it will cause a bit of lip irritation. Other than that, I’m pretty obsessed, and I need to pick up some more.. Excuse the slightly dodgy lip swatches, applying, removing and reapplying makes for messier and messier finishes apparently! 

The shade Dare to Pink*, a nude shade that looks less pink than the tube would suggest. Probably the worst performing shade as it can look a bit crumbly, but looks fine with 2 layers of colour. Top is just lacquer, bottom has balm over the top.


I’ll Call You*, a punchy, mauve pink. I love wearing this matte and it performs beautifully, it stays looking fresh all day. Top is matte, bottom has balm applied over the top.


My favourite is Play With Fire*, it is such a beautiful dark blue-toned red. I like this matte and with the balm/gloss. It doesn’t budge, which is so important for me with a red, and makes my teeth look crazy white!

Have you tried the Rimmel Provocalips?

Ps Love This Makeup Brush Cleanser

I’m a girl who likes a strong eye look – all dark colours and messy blending. This means that within days, my brushes are all dirty. Another issue I have is time – I know you’re meant to deep clean your brushes like once a week, but you try balancing a Leaving Cert, a job, a social life, long distance best friends, a relationship and a blog.. And time to sleep. Washing 40 brushes gets put on the long finger, and if I’m being totally honest with you? I probably deep clean my brushes once a month. I’ve been looking for a brush spot cleaner to disinfect and remove the worst of the product from my brushes for a while, but the likes of MAC are pricey and I just couldn’t justify that. Then, I see this little post on Amy (Red Lips ; Red Hair)’s blog, and I squealed a little. Penneys’ own makeup brand, PS Love This, have brought out their own budget makeup brush cleanser. €2.50 for a brush cleanser? I’m on it. Amy’s review was glowing, so a few days later I headed to Penneys to grab myself a bottle. Granted, I had to search through the debris that is the beauty section of Penneys (if you’ve ever been to the beauty corner of Penneys/Primark, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about), but eventually I found one that wasn’t open, or covered in exploded shampoo or cheap lipgloss.

The packaging, something I rarely comment on, is quite good. Considering the very low price, it’s not too tacky or garish. It’s fairly understated and simple, and wouldn’t really look out of place on anyones makeup desk.

The only thing that actually matters, however – Does this stuff actually work? It’s alcohol based, so it has a scent I’d liken to cheap vodka that has been slightly diluted and mixed with hand soap, slightly hand sanitiser-esque. The alcohol means it works to disinfect your brushes as well as clean the product off of them between deep cleans.

I decided, for the blog review experiment, I’d use two of my duofibre brushes with white hairs (Real Techniques Eyeshadow Brush and ELF Cosmetics Small Stipple Brush), so you can clearly see how it is for removing pigment from the brushes. I use this eyeshadow brush with powder products and the stipple brush with my liquid concealer, so I can also compare how it works with different products. The way I used this was I got two sheets of kitchen paper folded so one was on top of the other. I sprayed the cleanser directly on to the brush (1 spray for the eyeshadow brush, 2 for the stipple brush), and swirled the brushes on the kitchen paper until the product left little-to-no stain behind on the paper.

As you can see, the results were pretty good. My stipple brush was left totally white and clean, while my eyeshadow brush was almost entirely clean with hints of the colour that were too stubborn for the spot cleaner alone. It certainly didn’t melt the product right off and did take some effort to clean them, but I’d go ahead and say for €2.50, it certainly does do the job. It’s perfect for cleaning those brushes you want to use a lot between deep cleans, and keeping them free of dirt and bacteria! I know I will repurchase this, and you should definitely give it a go for yourself. If you can brave the absolute bedlam of Penneys to pick it up.

Have you tried anything from the PS Love This Range?

Ip Dip Doo Jewellery


I was recently contacted on Twitter by Victoria of Ip Dip Doo Jewellery asking if I’d be interested in a few of her pieces from her newly opened Etsy shop to write about on my blog and post on social media – of course, I was happy to oblige! She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and very friendly. I was also very pleasantly surprised at how quickly the pieces arrived – she sent them on Christmas eve from the UK (Wednesday), and they arrived on the 30th (Tuesday). To have something arrive in Ireland less than a week after it’s been sent is almost unheard of! The pieces themselves are gorgeous. As I’ve mentioned I love boho jewellery, so the sun anklet and hamsa bracelet will get a lot of love over summer! The snitch bracelet is perfect for Harry Potter nerds such as myself, and the anchor necklace is a really simple pretty piece of jewellery. All of her pieces are very affordable, so make sure to check them out! Below are close-ups and links to all of the pieces:




Are there any pieces here that you like?

Eylure do Eyebrows


Before I started beauty blogging, I literally did nothing to my brows, except wax them maybe twice a year to keep them reaching full-on Yeti status. I have really light blonde brows so never knew where to start, and was scared of the dreaded scouse look. There are also so many products on the market that I just didn’t know where to start. From pencils to pens, powders to pomades.. The brow market is far too saturated for a newbie to know what to do. It was only when this summer I was sent a brow powder from Fuschia Makeup, that I realised what all the fuss was about about. Filling in the shape and giving my brows a bit of definition totally changed my makeup routine. Now, I’d consider it an essential step in my makeup, second only to mascara.
Eylure are absolute demons when it comes to the eyelash market. Their affordable lashes come in such a large variety, are lightweight and easy for even a total noob like me to operate. Stepping up their game, they’ve released a range of affordable but serious quality brow products that are also pretty much guaranteed to replace the current brow routine of every woman in the country. I’m going to talk you through everything they kindly sent me, but if none of it tickles your fancy, they also have: Brow Shapers (Wax Strips), A Brow Palette, A Brow Crayon, Shape & Define Wax, and A Brow Control and Shape Gel. 

Brow Stencils* (€6.49): Let’s start off with possibly my least favourite of the lot – The brow stencils. I like the concept, helping you achieve your desired brow shape, but I found them fiddly to work with  and hold in place while shaping, and none of them really matched my personal brow shape. I’m a fan of a much more natural “follow where the hair actually grows” brow, so they didn’t have much appeal to me. If you like a real structure, or find it hard matching the two up, give these a try! They might work for you.


Brow Ink in Blonde* (10.99): From meh to yeah, this is the product I have fallen for completely. This brow ink in blonde matches my own fair eyebrows almost exactly, slightly warmer in tone, although this has a lot to do with my hair being bleached a shade off silver! I love the fine tip and just use it with very small hair-like strokes to create a much more structured brow than I’m able to achieve with powder. Really easy to use, and lasts all day without any problem. I tend to use the fine tip, as I find the full tip a little too full.

Brow Nourishing Oil* (10.99): This is a really interesting little product, I’ve never seen anything like it before, or even heard of it! It’s a small glass vial with a rollerball for application to the eyebrows in order to nourish them and keep them healthy, a lot like using argan oil on your hair. It does contain argan oil as well as some sweet almond oil and plant extracts, and smells quite a lot like Vicks Vapour Rub. I’ve been using this for a week or so and honestly I haven’t seen much major difference to the condition of my brows yet. This certainly isn’t an essential product, but I imagine this would be excellent for giving your brows a little help in growing out over plucking/dodgy wax jobs!

Brow Pencil in No.20 Mid Brown* (€6.99): Considering this is actually the traditional method of brow shaping, this is the first brow pencil I’ve ever tried! It’s very soft, but the pigment isn’t fantastic so I find it much harder to get a natural looking shape than with powder. It has a brush on the end for combing through the brows at the end, which is really handy, perfect for travel, and makes it stand out against other high-street brow pencils.

Permanent Tint in Dark Brown (€12.99): This is basically a dye for your eyebrows. It lasts for up to 6 weeks, and takes 10 minutes to develop. This is a great option for the lazier of us out there, or those of us who don’t fancy shelling out cash for a salon brow tint! Having light blonde brows I’m reluctant to try this on myself, but as soon as my best friend is home from uni we’re going to experiment with it on her.. I’ll let you know the outcome then!

Have you tried any of the new Eylure Brow Range?

Brand Focus: Lily O’brien’s


I say this quite a lot, but I always feel the need to reiterate. I only ever work with brands I have a genuine interest in. Either because I’ve loved them for a long time, or I feel it’s something I’m interested in trying out. You would not believe the amount I turn down behind the scenes, sometimes ridiculous amounts of money for a blogger as small as I. Integrity is my deal. Selling out is not. I hope you all know that, and trust what I say.
I really adore Lily O’Briens. Not really a big surprise, I’m a huge fan of chocolate. I always associate it with Christmas, so it instantly makes me happy. An Irish brand with much deserved international success! Me and my boyfriend went through this pretty quickly, my parents and brother were keen to give us a hand as well. I know, so considerate.
I got an email from Lily O’Briens recently asking if I’d give their survey a little signal boost, and it sounds pretty interesting! They’re taking a survey of UK and Ireland to find out about a little more about their chocolate consumption. They have some pretty interesting stuff planned for the survey, so all y’all chocolate lovers (to which I know there are many), click here and get involved. If you need a bit of an incentive – how does winning a whole hamper of Lily O’Briens goodness sound? Yep, that’s what I thought.

Thanks so much to Lily O’Briens for this delightful gift – it went down very well!

Impress Halloween Nails + Giveaway

I came home from school to a mystery package – Always a good way to end a school day! Even better when you open it up to reveal the imPress Limited Edition Halloween Range*. If you’ve been around for a bit, you’ll know my thing is being a wannabe goth child. This range is so inherently me. Halloween is my ultimate time, crazy/scary makeup and glorious gothic tackiness. I am in my element.
Let’s not beat around the bush or kid ourselves here. They’re tacky-tastic. As far as I’m concerned, that’s totally their charm. It’s something a little bit fun, and at only €4.99 a pop for two full sets of nails, it’s a nice quirky little nod to the season! Or, if you’re like me, you’ll wear them in the middle of July along with a Christmas jumper just to really mess with everyone.
In terms of the nails themselves, I’m actually quite impressed. I’ve never worn falsies before, faffing around with glue just doesn’t seem worth the time, so the fact that these are stick-on is a total plus. I applied them a few hours ago and they’re absolutely not budging! I have to say though, every task I ever thought easy is proving an uphill battle. How do girls live with constant claws?

Midnight Black*
Hot Blooded* 
Total Witch*


Total Witch Nails Applied 
Now something I’m very excited about – My first ever giveaway here! I’ve done a giveaway on my Facebook page before, but this is my first ever blog giveaway. I’m giving away the whole limited edition range, so 5 sets of nails (including Midnight which isn’t featured here) to one lucky winner! All entry details are in the rafflecopter giveaway below. Ends Tuesday 28th of October, and is open to residents of the Republic of Ireland only (sorry!). Good luck!

New in: Wayne Lloyd’s Salon, Cork City




I had so many compliments about my hair at the debs, which was very kindly done for me by Aaron at Wayne Lloyd hair, in the salon local to me. This is in a tiny village in rural Ireland, so maybe wasn’t the most applicable to my main readership! Wayne recently opened up his 3rd salon on Washington Street, Cork City. It’s a gorgeous, clean & modern looking building, and an excellent edition to his ever-growing internationally successful franchise.
The team are always so wonderful and welcoming. I’ve had my hair cut, coloured and styled in the other salons for 7 years, and it’s always been consistently great.
What I like the most about the way they operate, is they really listen. They talk you through exactly what you want, how you want it, the length, etc. There’s nothing worse than a salon where you tell them what you want, and they give you something totally different!
If you’re ever around Cork and in need of a decent ‘do, this is where you gotta be. Below is an example of the wonderful updo Aaron kindly did for me:
This is just a little post to give everyone the heads up about their new premises – definitely check it out!

Thanks to Aaron at Wayne Lloyd for doing my hair so beautifully!

Dream Dots* Review


When I first saw on twitter that Dream Dots were looking for Irish bloggers to review the product, I didn’t get in touch – I had no need. My skin had always been relatively flawless. Like, for my whole life. Apart from the odd spot, I was all good.
And then suddenly. I recently came off of a medication I’ve been on since I was 13. I don’t know if it’s the hormone imbalance or wha’, but all of a sudden my skin is absolutely dire. Being someone who up until now has never had to care for spots, and had no idea how, I jumped at the opportunity when I saw they were still looking!


Dream Dots* are little patches that you apply to spots overnight to help clear skin. They look a little bit like cold sore/blister patches and have the same sort of silicone texture. In the box you’ll get the 24 dots, as well as instructions on how to use them. It’ll set you back €14.95, A bit pricey if you constantly have bad skin, but if you’re someone like me and it’s just the odd breakout/spot, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you need them.
I didn’t expect to be as impressed with these as I was. If I’m honest, it’s not often I get gifted a product that I’d 100% repurchase when I ran out – but it’s the case with these!
I had a particularly big spot right in the middle of my forehead (lovely..), it was quite red and aggressive and just not budging, but staying below the skin. Before I went to bed I cleansed my skin as usual and popped one of these on. First thing I noticed was how I didn’t feel it at all. I’m really weird with textures and I hate the feeling of foreign bodies like plasters on my skin, but I totally forgot this was there, I only remembered when I looked in the mirror the next morning! It didn’t budge at all throughout the night, which I also thought could be an issue. After I used the first one, the redness was significantly reduced. My mum noticed the difference, and I hadn’t told her I’d used anything! By the time I used the second one on the second night, I’d pretty much got rid of it completely.
I’m not quite sure how these work, but honestly? I’m not gonna question it. They really do. You need these in your life. And they ship free worldwide from their website, so you haven’t got any excuse.

You can by Dream Dots in 24 or 48 packs here

Lipstick Lust: M.a.c’s Cyber


After I did my wishlist post, I knew I needed to go out and buy a few bits from it that I’d been wanting for ages. It’s rare I’ll do a whole post on a single product, but this one is special. Possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
I’ve been wanting to buy Cyber for about a year. If you know me, you’ll know purple lip products are my biggest weakness. If it’s purple I probably need it. I absolutely fell in love with this, but was a bit scared of how dark it was. As I’ve become more confident with what makeup I wear, I knew I absolutely had to own it.


It’s a really pretty dark purple, almost looks black in the bullet. It’s a Lustre finish, meaning it’s slightly glossy. I personally think this would have worked better as a Cremesheen or an Amplified finish, I find Lustre finishes tend to slip around on the lips a bit. That’s fine for a lighter colour, but colours like this do not look good patchy. For the sake of true-to-colour, I’ve hand/lip swatched it totally on it’s own, but it performs much better over a purple lip liner. I use one from Wet n’ Wild, but I know a lot of people pair this with M.A.C’s Nightmoth liner. It looks/lasts so much better over the purple, as it helps to amplify the colour and hold it in place.

I’m absolutely in love with the colour, and can’t wait to style it with different makeup looks and outfits.

What makeup product are you currently lusting after?

They’re Real? They’re Meh..


For someone who is known amongst her friends for complaining about most things, I definitely try and keep my blog an upbeat and positive space. I rarely have bad things to say about products, mainly because I do a lot of research into them before I buy. If I’m thinking of investing in a product, rest assured the first 7 google search pages worth of blog posts about said product have all been read. The Benefit They’re Real! range? I just can’t get my head around the popularity.
The mascara has been a worldwide smash, 1 sold every 3 seconds. I always thought it was meh, it’s the liner that’s really sparked me to write this post.

I’ll start by talking about the They’re Real! Beyond Mascara. This is alright. Nothing to write home about. How this is the worlds favourite mascara is beyond me. I’ve used better mascaras that cost €3! I like the wand and how well it separates lashes. Although if you poke yourself in the eye with this, you’re gonna know about it. I find when you first open the mascara, the formula is a bit wet and it’s one of those mascaras that ages quite well. To be fair, when first applied, it does look great. But then it all slips down your face and smudges under your eyes, and good luck removing it. It’s impossible to get off, in order to thoroughly cleanse your eyes you will end up irritating them and ripping out eyelashes. If you’re looking for a good mascara, that doesn’t tear out your eyelashes and comes off easily, definitely check out Clinique’s High Impact or Natural Collection’s Lash Build.

And now to the real bone of contention. This frackin’ liner. They’re Real! Push Up Liner* is just.. Awful. I’m someone who is fairly proficient in cat eye flicks and liquid liner. I’ve used liquid, gel, pen, brush, and can use all of them with relative ease. I understand this is a new way of doing things.. But new isn’t always good. The formula of the liner in terms of colour is great. It is black. However, it is absolutely impossible to get it on smoothly. No matter what I do, I can’t get a sharp line. The top always looks uneven and cracked instead of sharp and crisp. It’s just hard to operate and there’s no pay off. Trying to remove it? Good luck with that buddy. I end up looking like goth-phase Taylor Momsen, it will not come off my skin. If you’re looking for a good gel formula, MAC’s Fluidline is great. If you’re looking for easy to apply, I adore the Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster liner.

“But Zoë! Benefit also sell a They’re Real! Remover to solve the issue of them both being damn near impossible to get off!” I hear you cry. It’s what the Benefit girls seem to be harping on about anyway. I’m sorry, but if I’m paying that much for a liner and mascara, I expect the formula to be good enough that I shouldn’t have to pay €19.50 on top of that just to get the stuff off.

 They’re Real! Beyond Mascara
They’re Real! Push Up Liner*
What do you guys think of these products? Any of you really like them? Is there a technique for making them work better? 

W7 Full Time Lip Colour Review


W7 is a brand I’ve never actually tried anything from before. I know they’re a budget brand that have a lot of dupes for higher-end counterparts, and I’ve seen a few positive reviews floating around online. When they tweeted out asking for 20 bloggers to test out their new Full Time Lip Colour*, I applied to give it a go. Here’s how I got on..


They sent me out the shade Passionate, a bright, blue-based pink/red that is right up my street. One end is a liquid lipstick that dries matte. The other side is a clear gloss that you apply over the top when the matte colour dries. The colour doesn’t transfer to the wand of the clear gloss at all, and it applies evenly with good pigmentation, and it smells like fruit salad sweets.. But from there it goes downhill. At first, I applied the matte colour, allowed it to dry, and then applied the gloss. Within half an hour it had gathered around the outer edges of my lips and looked smeary. I removed the most of it and tried the matte lip colour on it’s own, hoping for a better result. This is simultaneously the most quickly fading yet impossible to remove product ever. Oxymoron, right? It fades from the of my lips and looks patchy within minutes, and yet trying to remove it is an absolute bitch. Not even micellar water is tackling this. Eventually, I managed to get the worst of it off and cover the rest with a nude lip colour I had handy, but my lips were swollen from trying to get rid of it. It’s a shame, because it’s a gorgeous colour. If you are looking for a pretty bright pink laquer-to-matte lip, check out the Lush Emotional Brilliance in Passionate, but give this one a miss.

 L-R: Just the matte colour, matte colour with gloss over the top


 Matte lip  colour worn alone


Matte Colour with Gloss applied over the top

Gosh Frosted Nails Review

When GOSH recently got in touch with me asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their new Frosted Nail Polishes, I jumped at the chance. I’ve never really tried anything from GOSH before, but I know they’re a really popular high street brand.
Their newest launch, Frosted Nails, is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s described as a “Frosted Sand Finish”, and a “Glittery Matte Effect”. It’s basically like a textured, glittery nail polish but also matte. Are you following me so far?
I’ve tested each polish for a week respectively, here’s how I got on.

Soft Blue* – This is a very pretty pastel blue shade. The glitter in this is really fine, so it applies very smoothly. It has flecks of silver throughout. It is fairly opaque by 2 coats, but I would recommend 3 to get the best out of the polish.

Soft Coral* – I absolutely adore this. It’s a really beautiful soft pink-based coral and it’s perfect for summer. As you can see, there are much more substantial flecks of glitter in this. This doesn’t affect application whatsoever, but I really love the look it gives. Once again, opaque by 2 coats, but I would recommend the 3rd to really make it shine.

How about we just ignore how bad I am at painting my nails? The first picture is my nails freshly painted with 2 coats, no top or base coat to get a true idea of how the polish performed. The second picture was after one week. I’d been doing quite a lot with my hands (get your mind out of the gutter), playing instruments and the likes, and this would be fairly standard for me in terms of chipping. It was easy enough to remove, I was expecting it to be as absolutely impossible as most glitter nail polishes, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Once again, the first picture is  freshly applied 2 coats, and the second is after one week of wear. Slightly less chipping, although this could entirely be down to the type of work I was doing this week. I absolutely love how the larger chunks of glitter look. Once again, relatively easy to remove, only a little bit more difficult than the average polish, and nowhere near as hard as traditional glitter!

One thing that really got me was the texture. I’ve never quite had anything like it, it feels very grainy and takes a bit of getting used to, so do watch out for that if you’re like me and a bit weird with strange textures.

GOSH Frosted Nails are available in pharmacies nationwide and are priced at €8.50 each.

Emma’s Eco-soy Candles Review

I don’t know if you know this about me.. I love scented candles. As if I couldn’t get any more cliche beauty blogger. My room smells like a bomb went off in a Yankee Candle factory. It’s a problem. Having said that, I know what I like in a good candle (which is possibly the most depressing sentence I’ve ever typed).
Emma’s Eco-Soy Candles is an independent Irish candle brand. The candles are made with soy wax, which claims to burn cooler without creating soot (such a huge problem I experience with yankee candles..), as well as only using pure essential oils to fragrance the candle. They have a few different sizes; 50 hour Tumblers, 20 hour tins, and wax tart melts. I was sent 2 of their tins to test out, here’s how I got on:

Lemongrass – €9.95* – This is a really fresh candle. It smells like sweet lemon, it’s very clean and invigorating, perfect for summer. It claims to help clean the air, so I put it to the ultimate test: My 13 year old brother’s bedroom. Sure enough, it did the job, made his room smell clean and fresh, which is quite something. As we all know, the bedroom of a teenage boy is one of the worst smells known to mankind.

Neroli Fusion – €9.95 * – The newest scent to the brand, this is a very rich, herb-y scent. Neroli is very hard to describe, it just makes me think of Neals Yard products. It also has fresh citrus and lavender. I burn this in my own room when I’m winding down for the evening, and it’s a really gorgeous fragrance, especially if you’re not a huge fan of lavender but looking for something calming.

What I really like about these is how natural they smell. As it’s pure essential oil, it doesn’t smell chemically or synthetic. They also burn cleanly all the way down, leaving no excess wax around the edge of the tin, which is always really frustrating as it feels like wasted product, and candles aren’t the cheapest. They’re absolutely lovely, definitely some of the highest quality candles I’ve ever used, and I will definitely be purchasing some of their other scents!

These, as well as the whole Emma’s candle range, is available on